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Recommend a glucometer for diabetes testing?

Asked by kneesox (29points) February 1st, 2011

Need to replace my old one because its no longer supported.

Prefer uncomplicated, reliable. Doesn’t have to be tiny.

Like it if the strip loads from the top.

Thanks for recommendations.

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THey’re all more or less the same. Get whatever your insurance covers.

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I prefer the Contour. It comes in a small carrying case which can hold test strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, etc.

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don’t worry about the meter, it is the cost of the test strips that make the difference, and some insurance companies don’t cover the more expensive ones

a lot of companies will send you a meter for free just so you have to buy their strips

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Thanks for comments.

Long-term daily convenience counts much more than one-time cost.

My old kit has strips in handy tear-open packets that store flat and don’t require a special box.

I don’t have to apply a control solution to calibrate or check it.

Top load means I don’t have to take it out of the transparent plastic slot in the case to use it and read it. I can also do it one-handed.

I’ve looked at lots of current models online. Those I’ve seen have bulkier kits, are two-handed operations, require strip storage in special cylinders, need to use a control solution etc.

I was hoping someone can point to a set that is as convenient as my old one.

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@DrBill is right.Find out the cost of the strips. :)

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OK, I got his one! The Bayer Contour USB. It is too cool for words. You take your readings as usual and at the end of the day (or week) you plug it into your USB port on your computer. It comes with its own software and it then gives you your readings in several different graphs. Not only can see where you’re screwing up, you can see how you’re improving as you get better control. It kind of makes glucose control a game you want to win. Hey, it beats the hell out of that little logbook…just sayin.

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I use the OneTouch Ultra Mini. It’s very simple, big numbers, small and fits in your palm. Comes in a few colors, gives results in five seconds, and I’m pretty sure covered by most Insurance, since it always seems to be the one I’m being handed.

The meter is also cheap. $20. The strips, not so much. D: Roughly $1 a pop, with no generic alternative.

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