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Does anyone have experience with Film Budgeting software for Mac? Recommendations?

Asked by rovdog (842points) April 13th, 2008

I am looking for a good film budgeting program and possibly a scheduling program to go with it? Has anyone used Ep scheduling? That it what I was thinking of using. Appreciate opinions and thoughts on it. It is must be able to handle a feature and also be able to deal with foreign currency.

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Haven’t used any in a while (since film school), but I have used Movie Magic. Worked great, but seems to still be one of the pricier options. I’ve heard good things about Gorilla, too. Not sure if CeltX does budgeting or not, but it does handle scheduling and it’s free.

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Celtx is marvelous. Unfortunately it lacks budgeting, although the developers told me that will be available in the future with their shareware version, well worth it, I assure you.

Gorilla is excellent but it depends on the size of your project. Their limitations are ridiculous, unless you go all out and purchase the “pro” model.

Download the demo and then patiently hunt ebay for a copy.

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You may want to try the low cost Easy Budget software programs.

Some great articles to read there too.


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