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Have you ever walked in the footsteps of someone famous?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35579points) February 2nd, 2011

This question brought out the fact that I’d walked in the steps of the real life person I once portrayed on stage.

Have you ever followed in the footsteps of someone famous? Have you walked ground made sacred by someone you deeply admire?

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In fact everyone of us either knowingly or unknowingly would have walked / will walk in the footsteps of people we admire. I am from India where most of the people admire their father and mother and it is said that we get their traits by birth.

I always have a habit of learning something new from the people I meet. I always take the best in them and try following the same, the best way to grow myself. Right from the way I speak, the way I walk, the way I dine, the way I apply polish to my shoes..I learnt it from people I admired the most..They may not be famous, but for me, they are precious.

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@santoshannamalai what a wonderful reply. GA and welcome to fluther, it’s an amazing place full of lovely, friendly people, and you just made it even better with your reply, well said <hugs> xx

I was very touched by sitting quietly in St Margaret’s chapel located inside Edinburgh Castle. Just sitting there contemplating the history surrounding me, the people and events that only time seperated me from, and St Margaret herself, a lady known for her kindness and charity towards others. Her son and husband were brutally stolen from her, they were ambushed and murdered. On hearing the news, she became very ill, she never recovered and was said to have died of a broken heart. The chapel was built in her memory by her youngest son, David I. It is truly beautiful in its simplicity, it wasn’t built for spectacle, but out of love by a man for his mother. The atmosphere is so still and peaceful there, and very calming. The Castle itself, well every room is steeped in history, and has an atmosphere all its own but I’ve never been anywhere so beautiful, so calming as that tiny chapel.

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I, too, am inspired by @santoshannamalai‘s reply. It makes me rethink the phrase “Dust to Dust,” which heretofore made me think of death—but in the context of this question and @santoshannamalai ‘s answer, makes me think that it also means the continuation of life, or at least the spirit of life, lying beneath our feet, drifting onto our bodies and into our nostrils, surrounding us everywhere we go.

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Answering in a somewhat different vein, I am a lifelong student of literature and one of my favorite things to do on vacation is to visit the homes or settings of literary heroes. Years ago, I visited Lyme Regis in Dorset and stood on the Cobb, reading the opening of The French Lieutenant’s Woman. I have been to the Bronte’s Parsonage in Haworth on a cold, dreary December day, to Austen’s cottage in Chawton and to both Frost’s and Alcott’s homes in New England. As I’ve shared with @hawaii_jake , one of the most thrilling and spiritual experiences of my life was a visit to Little Gidding – the site of Eliot’s eponymous poem – in midwinter and being invited to take part in noontime services outdoors. I usually share pictures and descriptions of these experiences with my students who relish them too.

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I have been backstage and on the stage of a few theatres where favourite performers would have walked/performed. Backstage at the Palace Theatre in London is a wall with lots of messages from the performers that have passed through. My favourites being Lea Salonga, Ruthie Henshall and Michael Ball (amongst others).

When I was in Vegas I made a point of staying at Caesars Palace because that’s where Cher was performing and maybe, just maybe I would be walking on ground that she had walked.

Ok, so my response to this is more superficial than the ones above but you all know how I deeply admire Cher!

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I went to Monticello, ground doesn’t get much more sacred than where Thomas Jefferson lived. Very cool to see that place….breathtaking!

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I sometimes walked behind this guy when going from English to History in High School. Does that count?

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@bunnygrl @Austinlad Thanks a ton for your love. I am honored. tx once again.. Cheers! :)

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