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What apple do you prefer and why?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) February 2nd, 2011

I’ve become addicted to Red Delicious apples. I like the flavor and crunch. Sometimes you get mealy ones or mushy ones, those I do not like.
I’m looking for more like Red Delish. Any suggestions?

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Empire is a great apple. Plus they don’t turn brown after they’re cut.

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Honey Crisp by far are the best invention ever in the apple industry! Very crisp, a little sweet, a little tart. Better hurry up, they are almost out of season.

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Oh, empire are good too, and inexpensive. I buy those when the honey crisp run out.

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Cox Orange Pippin has a wonderful sweet/acid balance. I’ve never had a mealy one. Ever. Popular in England, but hard to find in the US.

Also Swiss Gourmet (aka “Arlet”) for the same reasons. Easier to find in the US, but still too rare.

I think these have never been popular as commercial varieties becasue they have russet patches on the skin. Americans like cosmetically “perfect” fruit, even if it tastes ‘meh’.

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Granny Smiths are my favorite. Love the crisp texture (I’ve rarely ever come across a mushy Granny Smith) and I also love the tart flavor. They’ve been my favorite since I was a toddler.

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Fuji apples are my favorite.They are not too sweet and pulpy like a red delicious and not too tart like a granny smith is.
They are crispy, juicy and oh, so delightful! That’s right! Delightful! XD

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Granny Smith are very tart, so if you like red delicious, the granny smith will be very different in flavor, but true they are usually never mushy.

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I am partial to Gala apples because of their sweetness and crispness. They are great for just eating and also for cooking. Granny Smith would be my second favorite for the crispness and tart flavor, also good for cooking.

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I like the tartness of Granny Smith apples, but when I want something sweeter, I love Golden Delicious. They’re rarely mealy and great for eating raw. Better, I think, than Red Delicious – the peel of Red Delicious is too firm for me.

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I am a big Granny Smith pusher. But I like the sweet and feminine taste of the Pink Lady. Or maybe it just tastes feminine to me because of the name?

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The only apples I eat not in something, like pie, are Granny Smith apples. I don’t know, they’re just more firm and sour. I hate mushy apples and the texture of red ones are weird.

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Braeburns are my favorite for simply eating right out of the grocery bag. Pink Lady and Galas are very similar in taste. I like them because they are not too sweet and they usually aren’t mealy and they also are not too tart.

But for pies, I think the tart Granny Smith’s are better because they pair better with the sugar and cinnamon, sweeter apples would be way too sweet for my tooth in a pie. I think Granny Smith apples would also taste good slivered into a salad where you are adding candied pecans and dried cranberries for the same reason.

If you simply want to have some gorgeous apples on display in a bowl, Jonagold apples are really pretty with both red and green coloration.

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My absolute all time favorite are pink ladies. They have a wonderfully crisp texture and a slightly tart, slightly sweet flavor.

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Gala. They’re sweet, but still crunchy. The Golden Delicious are great too but way too mushy.

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I also like the Galas.

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Pink Lady apples are to die for, personally. I was hooked on to them. I had two of them a day for many months, till they became about $1 an apple and that was too steep for me. They’re sweet, and most importantly, always crunchy. I’ve never had a bad Pink Lady apple.

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Braeburn Eating one right now in fact!

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Also, Grapples are delicious (crunch like an apple, but taste more like a grape) but they are about $1.25 each

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