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Disney Employee Benefits?

Asked by Aubs427 (421points) February 2nd, 2011 from iPhone

Do you get to see World of Color for free or do you have to pay like everyone else?

I know everything else, if you go in yourself, you do. But, specifically for world of color, can you just watch it or do you need a pass like guests do?

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Do you mean like when your working? I went to Disneyland & California adventures in November and saw that world of colors show but didnt have to pay extra to watch it. What they do require is for you to get a fastpass type of ticket which just determines in what area you will be situated to watch the show.

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No, on my days off. A friend of mine (who honestly doesn’t have much credit), had stated I wouldn’t be able to see the show (for free) even if I was a Cast Member there .

My question is, hypothetically, if I just wanted to go to Disneyland one day on a day off and see the show… would I have to pay like guests would or do is it a discounted ticket?

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I am not forsure because I dont work their but I have a few friends that do. They have told me that as a cast member you get free entrance to the parks. But thats something you might want to double check with a manager or it might even be available on their website.

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Thanks, lol. I already knew I get in for free as a Cast Member.

It’s just the specifics of the World of Color show on whether or not I get to see that for free.

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O! haha I though thats what you meant. LOL But yea im sure you do get to see it for free

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The only reason why my friend told me I wouldn’t is because the show isn’t free like Fantasmic. I’ve personally never seen the World of Color yet, but I know it requires tickets. That’s why my friend “assumed” I wouldn’t be able to see it for free even if I was a Cast member there.

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It IS free, (after you paid to get in) but you have to get a fast pass in the morning. I paid for the dinner that was opposed to get you priority seating and there was nothing priority about it. The view was awful.

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