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What song makes you cry everytime you hear it?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone

For me its “let it be” but I don’t really cry, it just feels like I’m going to. Does anyone else have that?

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“By Your Side” by Sade. It reminds me of my ex.

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“imagine” by john lennon.
with the state of our world today, peace just seems so far off…
“Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…”
kinda seems impossible at times :(

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JCB song by Nizlopi. it makes me envious of the “perfect picture” it portrays.

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The promise by tracy chapman most beautiful heart breaking song I have heard makes me miss the only man I have ever loved.

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“Save Me” by Aimee Mann
“The Scientist” by Coldplay
both remind me of the ex’s

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“Amazing Grace” and I’m not even really sure why but it practically never fails.

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“Across the Universe”, JL….the line “nothin’s gonna change my world…” reminds me of a bittersweet moment in my life when I had just realized that nothing in my life would ever be the same again.

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Cat’s in the Cradle by Cat Stevens

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Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. I never sing along with it even though I know all the words; I just listen. When he hits that super-high note towards the end, my eyes well up and I get chills. Every. single. time.

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in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel.

not just the song. the whole album totally puts me in a sad mood. and a happy one.

i want aeroplane over the sea to be played when i die though. :p

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Let go, frou frou

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Don’t Speak/No Doubt. It reminds me of the first/only time my heart was broken.

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Enya-Only Time

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Oh Danny Boy; It was played and sung at my grandfathers funeral and it gets me every time.

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Brick by Ben Folds Five

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Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.

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Against All Odds – Phil Collins. The tears of success start flowing after hearing that song

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nothing compares 2 u. Sinead O’Connor. Watch the video and see her crying half way through

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There’s a Tear in My Beer by Hank Williams Sr.

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“one day at a time” :reminds me of my dad… or almost any song by red sovine

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Que te valla bonito by Vicente Fernandez. Take a shot and listen to this song. You don’t even have to know Spanish.

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