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Ladies, what are things you like your man(or woman) to do for you?

Asked by Carly (4550points) February 2nd, 2011

Some background info about why I’m asking:

One of my male friends was telling me about all the things he thought EVERY woman likes their s/o to do for them. His list was pretty full of a lot of cheesy, romantic things, some I personally didn’t agree with. So now I’m trying to put together a list in defense of all kinds of different women out there to prove that we don’t just like getting roses and chocolate (however those are always nice).

Do you girlies have any particular thing you really like your partner to do for you?

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It is good to be “considered”:
transitive verb -Respect somebody or something: to show respect for or be thoughtful of somebody’s feelings or position

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Vacuum and grocery shop.

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Ergh, that’s a tough one. I’d like him to just stay up and talk about everything with me, lol.

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Take me as I am, warts and all. (I don’t have any warts, but I certainly have faults.)

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I’m a female who likes flowers, champagne, foot rubs, bubble baths, lingerie, jewelry, trips to the movies, weekend drives.

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Massage my shoulders and back…he hits all the right spots! It’s like he’s psychic, lol

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Massages, cooking (my husband is an awesome cook), little things that show he was thinking about me (like buying my favorite candy bar when he stops at the store), sits and cuddles with me on the sofa while watching tv, random hugs and kisses, buying me flowers just because he saw some he thought I would like or just because he wants to (not because he feels like he has to because of commercial holidays), pretty much any random thing that shows he cares.

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Take out the garbage. Initiate quality time together, watching a movie or playing a game, whatever really. Just showing me that he wants to spend time with me. I like massages, too, as mentioned above.

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I like a guy who can be spontaneous. My last boyfriend would just hit the road and we’d drive to some random place. We could sit in the car and talk for ages. It was lovely. I like a thoughtful guy who’ll do fun things on the spur of the moment. I’m also a fan of massages :-)

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Hug me when I’m feeling down.
Laugh with me.
Call me when he’s running late.

I like @lucillelucillelucille‘s answer too. :)

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Make me laugh, support me as I cope with our life, talk to me and ask me about my day, take an interest in my interests. I would like periodic flowers and chocolates (only the really good kind).

Happily, my husband does these things for me.

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@jonsblond Thank you! I like yours too.Especially the first one:)

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Play guitar for me, make me laugh, and make a mean breakfast (breakfast potatoes with asparagus, shredded havarti and cilantro, with a egg over easy on top).

I tend to get that and I like it. Das righ’..

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Go grocery shopping with me and actually enjoy it.

Call me out of the blue, when I’m not expecting it.

Tell me about a new recipe or cooking technique that he saw on one of those cooking shows.

Send me cute pictures of animals in an e-mail. Make a donation to an animal rescue charity.

Casually refer to something that I said awhile back (that was important to me) and say that he either did it, tasted it, took me up on the suggestion, or otherwise enjoyed doing whatever it was that I said, without making a huge deal or saying something awful like, “See I did it ok! Are you satisfied!?”

Ask my opinion about how to go about planning his estate (where to find a good lawyer to do the job or whether or not a living trust is the way to go vs a will), or picking a good person to do his taxes (now that his regular guy retired) or asking me my opinion on what restaurant to take his out of town relatives to while they’re in town. Basically asking my opinion on subjects that he knows are near and dear to my heart that I actually have some good knowlege about.

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@Carly Tell your friend I’d rather my husband help me plant a rose bush than wait in a long line at a grocery store for a single long stem rose. Have you been to a grocery store on Valentine’s Day at 5pm? What suckers!~

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Honesty – fairness – maturity – self assurance – intelligence – sense of humour – kindness.

Honesty – be faithful yes but also tell me the truth (even if I might not like it). That can take real balls at times as I am a fiery sort of woman but sometimes I need telling. I respect men who have the balls to tell it like it is and could never be with a doormat.
Maturity – be a man not a boy. Don’t play silly games. Be responsible for his behaviour. If he wants to go out with the boys – fine but he also has a partner. Be balanced about his needs – my needs and most importantly our needs as a couple.
Self-assurance – I am a pretty high achiever. I have my own goals and ambitions. I want to be successful in the various realms of my life (including my relationship with him). I don’t need a man who is threatened by my success and tries to hold me back (been there done that and it wasn’t a lot of fun). So my man needs to have his own goals and ambitions and be comfortable with who he is and how he is living his life. If both of us are committed to our relationship but also committed to doing the best we can in the various things we are involved with – we can support each other and I think we are more interesting – exciting people.
Intelligence – doesn’t need to be a nobel prize winner but he does need to keep informed on what is happening in the world – to be informed enough to have an intelligent conversation with me. I like to have my thoughts and ideas challenged. That’s how we learn. I want a man who can learn from me but most definitely teaches me about life/love/the world and who wants to go on an adventure and learn with me.
Sense of humour – so much of a good relationship is about laughter. At ourselves – at each other and at the crap life sometimes throws at us. If you can laugh about it – it can’t be so bad.
Kindness – nothing melts my heart more than when my husband does something for me that is just so kind. I try to reciprocate whenever I can but he often takes time out to help me with something he knows I find difficult. And he cares about other people too. I was floored when he said to me out of the blue “If I ever win a lot of money – I am going to build some houses for women and children who need to escape bad relationships. A place where they can be safe and rebuild their lives”. A man who is compassionate about others is a joy and a blessing. Testosterone is fine but there is nothing unmanly about being able to show your soft – caring side.

There are a million more things of course like being great in bed – cheeky – playful .. the list goes on… and not every man is going to have all of these things in spades but if they have a good balance of them .. wow .. what more could I want.

He probably should be able to gag my typing fingers. Just saw how long this is…

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I like that my boyfriend treats me like his best friend and his girlfriend. We’re not 24/7 lovey-dovey and we like to mess around and play fight.

I also really like that he opens the door for me every time I come home. ;)

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Mine is the there for me through thick and thin, good times and bad. knowing how to give a good massage doesn’t hurt either though,lol

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