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Have you ever been perscribed Stadol?

Asked by cak (15858points) February 2nd, 2011

The full name is Butorphanol Tartrate and it’s a nasal spray. I guess because I am a chicken and I’m not big on taking medicines, I would like some insight before using this medicine.

I have google the medicine, looked it up in the PDR and Mayo
Clinic. I’m just looking for personal experiences and what to expect.

For the record, I’m a major lightweight when it comes to medicine.

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I’ve never taken it for any length of time, and never in nasal spray form, but I was given a shot of it when I was in labor with one of my kids (I’ll be damned if I can remember which one!). I had no epidural or anything, so the Stadol was it. It didn’t completely dull the pain, but I didn’t care as much about it! I was very calm afterward.

For Fibromyalgia (ongoing, daily pain) I’ve avoided the opiates. I take a heavy weight Rx NSAID for that.

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Thanks, I finally gave in and used it last night. It’s pretty heavy for me. Not sure I’ll use that one again.

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@cak Crap. I meant to come back to this thread, and forgot until just now. It dawned on me that opiates don’t work well for me, so my experience is probably not typical. I’ve been up and walking around, still in serious pain, when I was taking heavy doses of morphine. Enough that it was supposed to knock me out cold. I guess that’s why the Stadol just took the edge off for me, and was a heavy hitter for you. I’m sorry!

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