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What container keeps lettuce the freshest?

Asked by ashleyvvv (99points) February 2nd, 2011

Out of these three containers which will keep lettuce the freshest Ziploc, Glad, or Reynold? That is all I need.

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I’d go with glad.

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I’m doing a science experiment with it and I’m not really sure how to “test” it and show data and all that stuff…help?

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Oh, well I’d use all of them for about five days and monitor each of them every day. Keep them in the same temperature and stuff and write down every change you see every day. If that’s what you’re talking about?

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Not sure about your experiment….but you could throw this; in the mix. I use it and it is awesome!

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I put a couple of paper towels in a ziploc with the lettuce.

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For the experiment, make sure you have a control case, which would be a lettuce that is not in any container.

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I’m with @Supacase on this one. I buy the cheapest bags and put paper towls in as they absorb any excess moisture. I’ve had some lettuce last a month with this method.

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I like what Seinfeld said about keeping vegetables fresh: “the CRISPER? have you ever put anything in the crisper to make it crisp? They should call that drawer the ROTTER, ‘cause that’s what’s happening in there!”

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What is the best way to keep lettuce? Everyone says paper towels to absorb the moisture, but maybe we should wash it only when it’s used, then it is dry in the fridge and has no moisture? Isn’t it just the washing of it that gives it moisture, or am I missing something?

Help wanted.

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@zensky lettuces naturally have high water content, so a lettuce head is like water contained within the leaves. at a certain point in time, the water content cannot be held by the leaves because the cellular structure begins to deteriorate and the moisture has to go somewhere. A refrigerator is one big dehumidifier, and the crisper case has the feature for humidity control. So, the ref actually absorbs the moisture excreted by the lettuce to prevent it from rotting, but then you end up with soggy or limp lettuce leaves. If the lettuce is bagged and moisture can’t be drawn, the rotting process will be quicker.

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Gotcha thanks,

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