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What are some creative ways to decorate for a rave-themed party?

Asked by Jharty89 (491points) February 2nd, 2011

So me and my friend are throwing our 3rd annual rave-themed party and its the last one we can have since we are graduating college. We want to go all out with the decorations. We already have the black lights, a strobe light, and another light that spins with different colors. We don’t want to spend too much money, so what are some good decorations we can create ourselves?

Some ideas we already have are balloons with glow sticks, glow in the dark posters, and clear pong cups with glow sticks at the bottom.

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Borrow a fog machine, like the kind you see at Halloween. Where the fog comes out connect a piece of dryer vent type tubing (flex metal- it gets hot)
Coil the tubing in a large bucket or container and fill with ice. The more coils the better.

Chilling the fog as it exits will cause it to creep across the floor only a few inches high. Add glow sticks to floor and you have a swirling, glowing floor.

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You might want to get some glow in the dark paint like this Krylon from Michael’s craft store. You could paint “graffiti” onto some poster boards, or pieces of plywood, or you could paint some random objects (that you don’t need to keep after the party).

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Get some sodium polyacrylate. It’s fun stuff. You could make it “snow” indoors (with snow that won’t melt) and blow it around with fans. Cut open a few highlighter markers and squeeze the ink into the water before you add the sodium polyacrylate and it should make the “snow” glow under blacklight. If you don’t have time to order the stuff online, you can apparently get a bunch of it from adult diapers.

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Cover the walls in rolls of paper and buy a ton of hilighter markers – go wild :) OR have everybody at the party draw something etc. You could save the paper after the party.

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If you live near Dollar Tree ( a 99 cent type of store), they have lots of various glow things for 99 cents each, in the party section of the store.

If you can rent a fog machine and a multimedia projector maybe at Rent-a-Center or elsewhere, then project psychedelic images onto the fog , that would add an added cloudy imagery dimension. Be sure to get rid of all normal lightbulbs and replace them with colored ones, I’m sure you already are gonna do that.

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glowing body paint!! :D

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Laundry Detergent glows under black lights. Have fun :)

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awesome, thanks guys!

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