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What does it mean when you dream about your ex commiting suicide?

Asked by 12fpasiama (43points) February 2nd, 2011

i had a dream about my ex trying to commit suicide what does this mean?

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Your preoccupation with death concerns me. Death and suicide… these are dark subjects. Your previous questions are about a similar theme.
Are you watching a lot of drama on TV or a lot of movies with a dark theme? Have you recently suffered the loss of a loved one?

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This is hopeless. You have to say more about the context. What else happened in the dream?

Your ex stands for a part of yourself that you don’t really like. This part is going to cut itself out of you—maybe.

What is this part of yourself that you don’t like? How would you feel about losing it?

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Sounds like a messy divorce…

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All I know is that I knew it was time for me to separate from my wife when I found myself watching Law & Order… with a notebook.

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@WasCy I laughed hard.

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It’s either a psycho-empathic dream where you feel his anguish…. or it’s symbolic of a closed chapter in your life completely falling away for good.

I’m BS’ing of course, because there’s no way to know more about this than you yourself know. But maybe my BS is coincidentally correct.

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