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How to check for user input for both intergers and to see whether user select numbers in between 0-200? Python?

Asked by chk8n (106points) February 3rd, 2011

User has to input a number (no letters or characters), and has to be between 0–200. Otherwise I want to inform the user to re enter the numerical answer based on these requirements.

Basically if a user put “a” instead of a number, I want the error to print “give number between 0–200”- or if user put “300”, same error pops up.

How do I do that?
If anyone can provide a detailed answer, it will be perfect.
Im in beginner level in high school.

Thank you!

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I think the section under “Checking the Content of String Objects” on this page will give you the information you need. I don’t dare try to summarize it since I’ve never used Python.

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You’re looking at a few if/else if (elif?)/else statements – basically going through the options. If the input isn’t right (not right type or not in range) then print out, but if right, then move on to the next step. I don’t remember the exact syntax, but that is what you’ll have to use.

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