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Would you give to a boy/girl with less than 12 years old an iPhone or iPod Touch as a gift?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) April 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Would you? Knowing that any kind of info, pictures, chat rooms are available for them?

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i wouldn’t; they’re not responsible enough to take care of it. the phone would either get stolen or broken, either way that’s a lot of money down the drain. also as you pointed out the internet is in their pocket, no telling what they could get into.

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Probably not. It would have to be one mature 11 yearold

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Are they not already on the internet?
Is the internet your main concern?

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Unless it’s Doogie Howser I wouldn’t.

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if it’s a home computer you can block sites you don’t want your child on, on the iphone i don’t think you can do that…can you?

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I had no idea, probably not then.

A nano is a cool gift for a kid but that’s probably not what they want.

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No. There’s no reason a kid that age needs one of the most expensive cell phones on the planet. Use that money to buy him or her an experience that will enrich their life.

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I’ll take the iphone, they can have my envy… hahahaha

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agree with kevbo. When I was 12 I lost everything
I’d rather have that money go to some type of a college fund…

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my nephew is 12. He’ll be 13 in a few months and I’m trying to save up some $$ to get him an 8g i touch. He is a great kid and has always taken care of his games, cell phone, etc. He’s messed around on mine and figured it all out in no time. As far as security I think that is just up to the parents. U can check history on iPods just like computers. His mom checks his phone often and she reads ALL his text messages before he can delete them. I think it all just depends on the child.

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The iPod Touch would be a better option, the iPhone is too expensive and have more features than they probably would need, but the people above me are fairly condescending… people have this fear of the internet that is driven by the media which makes you think that anyone online is going to get raped or something, it’s a load of crap… trusting kids on the internet and making sure they are aware of the dangers is far better than showing them you don’t trust them and blocking their internet access. If you make sure they know how valued it is (and they won’t need you to tell them when they start using it!) They’ll protect it with their life. Kids hang onto their phones like candy.

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@kevbo: Nail on the head. I’d be thrilled to get an iPhone at that age, but it sets the bar for future gifts very high (would you like a spoilt brat, anyone?) and there are much better things you could get them.

Internet access and the possibility of breaking aren’t really issues, but the idea is totally dumb.

You should consider the iPod touch for 15/16 upward I think, that’s when it would be most appreciated.

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I don’t think a kid should have such an expensive luxury item.

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My 8 year old wants one. I let him play with mine when I can’t listening to him Argie with his brother. On more than one occassion he’s pointed put a feature I didn’t know I had. But, he won’t get one for years. I’d maybe consider it as a teenager if they sold for a hundred each, but I don’t see that happening. Besides my wife is next in line to get one.

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I shouldn’t try answering when I’m riding the bus. My typing skills really go out the window.

That should read:

When I can’t stand listening to him argue with his brother.

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what ever happen to kids that age playing outside throwing a ball. Playing sports?

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Depending on the kid, of course, I might give them an iPod nano but not an iPhone or itouch.

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I would. Becuase, it is up to the parents to make sure the child is safe. If the kid I was giving the iPhone to was an idoit, turn no. But must kids I know, I would buy them the phone. But I think I would wait for June, in theory, June should give us the option to add parental controls to the iPhone. If not, turn the man who makes that program will be very rich.

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No. I think it would rack their brains. I’m not saying that they’re not safe, but perhaps they might brag, and personally, I think they could do something else in their free time.

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Why would you give a 12 or 13 an I phone.that’s about putting all that money to use in a college fund for the kid. Kids don’t need that when they’re that young.

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Well that’s what you’d think, but most kids expect to have a mobile phone and be connected to the internet from a very young age now. Don’t underestimate these kids- they’re the ones who grew up with Web 2.0 and cheap mobiles in their hands from birth!

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