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What do women lust for?

Asked by choreplay (6297points) February 3rd, 2011

Ladies, I know how a guy lust given my experience as one, but what do women lust for, when does it most affect them, how overwelming can it be, and what ways (slightest to most pronounced) do they play it out if they allow this force to carry them toward the object of lust?

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It depends on the woman. Some could lust in power, some could lust in money, and some in sex or relationships, but it isn’t the same for everyone. It’s also different for the women when it affects them – for some, it could affect them in their twenties, or some in their thirties or forties. I think that it’s always there, but it isn’t as pronounced, however.

I think that they allow this force to be fulfilled, depending on how strong it is and their state of being, but again, it’s different with each person. I know that’s a really vague answer, but it’s true.

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@troubleinharlem, Ok, your right but I guess the question is intended to be directed more at the individual, so how would you answer this question for yourself?

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@Season_of_Fall : Oh, I knew that. I was just… uhm, testing you.

Well, lust is selfish; but longing is sort of close to it. I long for happiness and laughter and acceptance. I’m not sure if that counts, but it does for me.
I could probably force myself to think of a better reason, if you need me to.

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@Fyrius : I like chocolate. :3

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@WasCy I think you nailed it, based on my lady’s closet.

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Being loved, listened to, appreciated and thought very desirable by the object of one’s affection.

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I’ve noticed there is always a wet spot on the couch after the ladies in my area watch an hour or two of HGTV. ;-).

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I lust after intelligence, integrity and humor.

Always a winning combo.

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Hey Coloma. Great to see you!

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Love and/or security?

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Books…..I’ll never have enough…

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Someone to paint the house, clean the garage, and occasionally take over all of the regular household chores for a day so she can relax and read the paper over a nice cup of coffee?

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A prime juicy steak! ;)

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An everything must go clearance sale, particularly if it’s a clothes store :¬)

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And a foot rub.

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Well,right now I have my eye on a scroll saw and a grey herringbone blazer…Is it lust or is it love?
I just don’t know!

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A lovely meal at a nice restaurant and glass or two of wine with their SO perhaps a new dress to wear with the meal would be nice… oh and a pair of shoes… oh and a handbag of course LOLL

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Rechargeable batteries or power plus……. :-/

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Yeah, it’s the shoes – every time I see a pair, my vagina gets all wet. Nobody lusts for shoes.

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I lust for a man who lives to rub my back and neck without complaint about how I need to let go of the stress. To hell with the shoes (says she who currently owns more 60 pair!)

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Confidence. I want it for myself, and it also is probably my biggest turn on when I see it in other people. It is my ultimate weakness.

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I could give a flying fig out of a rolling donut when it comes to shoes.

Seeing the desire in my SO’s eyes, that she wants to devour me. That does the trick.

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Canadians and people from Canada.
Also, peeps with black and white avatars.

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My wife laughed at the way this question went and now wants to chime in and say choreplay. This question did not go the direction I thought it would. Shoes and chocolate, ya ya I knew that already. Thanks @ANef_is_Enuf and @jude for answering, thats the kinda stuff I was wondering about.

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Someone who will listen, really listen. Someone who understands and values the language of the heart. Someone who wants to know me inside and out, who understands me and loves me for the things I love about myself..and who doesn’t just tolerate but kind of adores my little idiosyncrasies…we all have them

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@earthgirl, have you ever read the five love languages?

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I wasn’t allowed to re-ask this question in a more focused manner so maybe those that anwser about stuff other than attraction to another human might repost an answer about lust toward another. reread and rerespond in that context if you wouldn’t mind. But thank you for all the answers, very fun.

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Seasom of Fall No, I haven’t read it. Should I??
Stay tuned for my complete answer to your rephrased question…

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