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What are you going to do, buy, make, give to your s.o. for Valentine's Day?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 3rd, 2011

What will you do for your s.o. for Valentine’s Day?

Make something? What will you make?
Buy something? What will you buy?
Take them someplace special? Where?
Do something special? What will you do?

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Not sure, yet.

Perhaps, taking her to a fancy restaurant downtown, then listening to some live music (along with having a few drinks) at a local bar, followed by wine and chocolate covered strawberries back at my place. Along with a blanket spread out on the floor beside my old fireplace, and well..

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I know why this only got one response so far. Jude’s answer is so hot it will make everyone else look lame. I’m going with a rose bouquet. She always says don’t do anything but the smile when I give them to her says something else.

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I’m doing all of those things (make, buy, take him somewhere special and do something special)... but as he’s on here, I can’t possibly divulge further!!! Needless to say, it will be lovely to be with him in person again after yet another 6 weeks apart…

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I don’t know yet. We don’t make a big deal out of it. If I buy chocolate (or he does for me) it is usually just one or two fancy pieces.

We usually make cards.

We sometimes go out for dinner.

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Nothing, I don’t believe in celebrating such an unbelievably stupid holiday

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Nothing, we don’t do fake holidays.

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well, I’m gonna hang out at my fiance’s place…give him chocolates and a nice studded collar! hehe ;D Ah! And go out to dinner =)

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Well I have a first date with a guy for this Sunday, so that gives us a week to seal the deal:) Maybe we’ll have sex for the first time?

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