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Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the rabbit. That's my year! Is it your year, too?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30549points) February 3rd, 2011

How many rabbits do we have on Fluther?

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Nope… I’m a Pig/Boar

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Dragon here, but I got some friends who are rabbits. You are a spirited bunch, aren’t you? :)

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I’m a dragon.

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Apparently, & I just checked this…..i’m a horse. Always thought there was a bit of a stallion about me. Or should that be my lil pony? :¬)

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I’m a rat/mouse lol.

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Snake, actually. Quite a misunderstood creature nowadays :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Anyone here participating in festivities?

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@muppetish: Are you sure you’re a snake? I thought I was a snake for the longest time I was born in 1989 but then I looked at an actual Chinese calendar and found out that I was really a dragon since I was born in January. :)

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@KatawaGrey I was born in July so I fall comfortably inside the Year of the Snake :)

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Happy chinese new year to you too. I’m also a rabbit. Does this mean it’s a lucky year for us?

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I’m a Boar as well.

I spent last years CNY in Taiwan, the year of the Tiger.
Man…what a non-stop, crazy, fireworks in the street night and day 2 weeks!

Everyone should spend at least one Chinese New Year in the real zone.

Sure wished I could have smuggled home all the crazy fireworks we had. ;-)

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I’m the Rat (a dirty rat).

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@lemming : Lucky? I don’t really know. Here’s a site I found about the Chinese zodiac.

@Coloma : I lived in Singapore, which is 70% Chinese one year, and it was exciting. Lots of fireworks, parties, food, and fun.

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No.I’m an armoire! XD

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I’m a monkey. It’s fitting.

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I’m a horse with @ucme (high hoof!)

I read on a place mat in a Chinese restaurant once that horses are naturally fidgety. And I totally am :D

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I’m just a big ole horse as well. <snorts, paws ground>

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Happy New Year to you too.

I’m a pig/boar


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Neigh. I’m a horse.

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Boars unite! lol

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@Coloma: Agreed! Let’s ham it up.

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Rabbit here. (Now I’m thinking about being almost 24. Thanks for giving me a quarter life crisis. :p) Xin nian kuai le!

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