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Have you vacationed in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia?

Asked by tedibear (18052points) February 3rd, 2011

If you have been there, or have knowledge of the area, please share! I think it looks like a nice place for a quiet vacation.

What can you tell me about it? Did you enjoy it? What kinds of things did you do? Were activities and hotels expensive? What do you recommend that we do if we go there?

As well, if you know of good websites with information, please share those, too!

Thank you!

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The views on Cape Breton Isle, did I mention the views or the panoramas, did I mention the VIEWS ? ?

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What time of year are you planning this?

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Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia is beautiful. We stayed with family so I can’t tell you exactly what hotel costs would be but from our experience (from our trip across Canada) we payed on average about $120 a night.

A friend of mine has spent a lot of time in Cape Breton and just loved it.

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This trip would likely be in the late spring or early summer, if it happens.

So it sounds like Cape Breton is woth the trip, eh?

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Here is a site for Cape Breton, I’ve been there a few times…It’s ok.(not as a vacation though)

Peggy’s Cove is good as well….(closer to a major city)

I didn’t “grow up here” but I currently reside in Nova Scotia but I haven’t taken a vacation here…

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I visited Nova Scotia about 20 years ago. We went from B&B to B&B. They seemed to be about half as expensive as similar places in the US. Peggy’s Cove is amazing. Whenever I think of Dan Simmons novels about the Shrike, I imagine the territory to be like Peggy’s Cove. The rocks are amazing to walk amongst.

Just about everywhere you go is beautiful. There are lots of artists and crafts people selling their wares from their homes or at fairs.

Cape Breton—is biiiiig! Bigger than it looks on the map. We tried to do the drive around it in one day, and got caught after dark driving along country roads, completely unsure of where we were. We did see a really huge moose that crossed the road just before we drove by.

We also went over to PEI, where there was a buffalo farm and a very nice, warm beach (this was August). We stayed at a farmhouse in, and the owners of the farm made an incredible breakfast for us. One of the best I’ve ever had. Probably because they fried PEI potatoes in bacon fat. PEI potatoes! I’m always on the lookout for them because they were the best potatoes I’ve ever had!

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