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Help! Which washing machine should I buy?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23150points) February 3rd, 2011

My washing machine is broken again, so it’s time to just buy a new one. I have to leave in one hour because of babysitting needs, so I need opinions really quick!

Should I buy a top loader or a front loader? I’ve heard complaints about front loaders having mold problems because the washer leaves standing water in it. I’ve heard complaints about almost all the HE washers, because they don’t seem to clean the clothes as well without an agitator.

Is one brand better than all the rest? I’ve read reviews that say Whirlpool is usually the best when it comes to washers and dryers, but then I’ve read reviews that the Samsung washer kicked major butt.

Opinions? Experiences? HELP!

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I just got a Frigidaire stacked Washer/dryer. It had the best reviews and the size was right for my small house.

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I like my Maytags. Top loading, tough and reliable. No issues for 5 years.

I got a great deal buying the floor models and saved hundreds!

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We bought an LG high efficiency washer and dryer set with pedestals to replace our 30 year old Sears set. The work very well and use less water and gas than our old one. To make it even better, I used 750,000 hotel points so ended up only paying $200 for a 5 year service agreement.

We are very happyy with the equipment and the deal which included the setup and taking away the boxes and old equipment.

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I have a front loader, and it works great. The owner’s manual says to leave the door open if not in use. I have done that, and so far we’ve had no problems with mold or mildew. We’ve had it for 3 years.

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I’ve just bought an LG that has a steam refresh cycle and a direct drive motor. It’s pretty awesome and really quiet!

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Maytag. Works for me.

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If money is no object, the Whirlpool front loaders are best.

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Whirlpool is the very best. we have had one since 1967 and never a service call.

How about that?

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I will update my comment about my front loading washer.

Shortly after I posted my last comment we discovered there is something wrong with its brains. It will not run hot or warm water- only cold. I have brought a service man out several times, and he insists the washer’s running great, that it’s a problem with the hoses. However, we’ve replaced the hoses and it still won’t run right. In the meantime, I wash all my clothes in cold water, which is not a totally bad thing, but as much as I paid for this monster (it’s monstrously heavy!),

We’ll be getting another top loader when the time comes.

In addition, a visiting friend used too much of the wrong kind of detergent, and left the door shut while it was not in use. Now we have a problem with stink. Nothing we’ve used resolves it, except to remove the clothes instantly and if I switch the cold hose to the hot spigot, I can run washing machine cleaner through it, but there’s still a faint smell of mildew. Thanks friend!

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