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What is your reputation? Do you live up to it?

Asked by wundayatta (58648points) February 3rd, 2011

I’d like to think that I have a reputation for being creative and for being loyal. I want the reputation of doing things when I say I will do them, and always keeping my promises.

That’s the reputation I want. I don’t know if that’s the reputation I have. I believe I live up to that reputation.

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You create your own reputation and if you have that you have integrity then you will. There are many that may not view you that way but that is okay. Your view of you is the reality you live in. When I interact with you i create you for me and you have no control over that. Though how you interact with me will influence my view that I create you to be for me.

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I don’t know…what is my reputation, wundayatta?

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Some people think I’m funny, others think that I am a grouch. Well fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke!

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I’m good-natured, sensible, reliable and funny. That’s the outer me. Inside it may be something different.

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They say I’m always on time & that I get the job done….. I’m very organised & pretty good at cutting through the bullshit…. End result, a very happy & very grateful employer ;-)

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I believe my reputation is that I am very sensible and up front but compassionate and helpful.

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I have the reputation for being able to figure out anything.
Let me see,... Got it!... It is correct 98.746% of the time.

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I have no idea. I recently came to realize that it depends more on the person evaluating me, then what I really am.

I was just told by someone that I am confident and have it all together. Which is total bullshit, I have all sorts of dissappoinments and don’t feel like I have it all together at all. Even the person who said this to me, knows many of the difficulties I have been through and my admitted weaknesses. You would think I would find it a compliment that these people think I have it altogether, but it wasn’t. It was said in a way that I lord it over others.

It seems others see me as open-minded, responsible, analytical, and loyal. Along with dwelling too much on when people hurt me, and I have a very hard time when I feel misunderstood.

One thing everyone seems to agree on is I am a goto person for medical questions.

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I have a reputation for being elitist, which is only a quasi-accurate misinterpretation of my intellectual passive aggression. Which is not to say I am not elitist, just that people read it for the wrong reasons.

I also have a reputation for being funny or clever.

I also have a reputation for being a genius, which frankly is laughable but which I make no effort to dispel.

I also have a reputation for being lazy and procrastinatory, which I couldn’t dispel if I wanted to because I am chronically both of those things.

I also have a reputation for being unhappy, which I usually am not. I usually am just worried.

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I’m not really sure what my reputation is. In my experience I find that people jump to conclusions pretty quickly. They try to “size you up”. Once they get an idea in their head about the kind of person you are, it’s hard to dispel. My problem is often that I am the kind of person that doesn’t make a big effort to win people over. Maybe because I am too proud, maybe because I feel rejected because they have written me off without getting to really know me. I respond to people who show a sincere desire to know me. People who don’t judge by appearances only and the personality cult. I am an introvert and a lot of extroverts really don’t understand what it’s like to be an introvert. It’s not just about being shy. So my reputation is that I am quiet, maybe meek. But that all depends on who I’m with. I need to feel secure with someone and then I open up. First that person has to show they care, they are curious, they want to get to know me. Then they will find that still waters do run deep.
On a less serious level, I think I have a reputation for being too serious! Go figure.

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Mine’s pretty shabby so I have no problem living up to it. Or down to it.

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My reputation is so well known it follows me everywhere. Even into my fortune cookies. It always, without fail, every single time reads: You are an ignorant slut with a large appetite and a small brain.

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slutty slut slut.

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I have a reputation for philanthropy, kindness, and self-assurance.

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I have a reputation for being stuck-up and that I think I am better than others. I really don’t think that I am better than almost anyone, and I am not stuck up, I just don’t do well with noise in big gatherings where I have to mingle, or meet new people. This bothers my wife, especially when we go to church. I have a really hard time during busy shopping days leaving my house, although I participate in Bloomsday with my dad every year (last three anyway). I could easily be a shut in.

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Here is one answer to look at. We all create who others our for ourselves. How a person reacts to you helps you to create that person for who that person is to you. If someone attacks you or appears to attack you automatically get defensive as is human nature. That creates a view of the person and that is how you will then react to them. It is all human nature and it is automatic. We are Meaing Making Machines and we have to put a right/wrong, good/bad, true/false, should/shouldn’t etc… on all that we experience. When you can see this and maybe put it aside then you can create from a view of nothing which gives you all possibilities to create how you want it to be.

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@Summum Explain, please:Here is one answer to look at. We all create who others our for ourselves

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We all create everyone we come in contact with. I take what I see and how you treat me and I make a judgement about that. I make you true/false, right/wrong, good/bad, should/shouldn’t etc… These are called judgements and we all have them and do just that. It is neither good nor bad it is human nature to do so. That creates a view of how I see you and then you are to me the view I created of you. What if I set that aside and said it is neither right/wrong but that it just is and I create you as a dynamic person, an amazing being, one that I love because you share something in nature with me? Then how would I respond back to you? I would respond to you as I created you to be for me.

Now is what I told you the truth? No it just is. Can you live with that?

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