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What were some small towns around Berkshire, England?

Asked by littlekori (676points) February 3rd, 2011

Do you know any names of small towns around or right outside of Berkshire, England in the 16th century? Even if they are a little farther away its ok. oh and any town that isnt already part of a kingdom is perfect!


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Abingdon was the main town in Berkshire in the 16th century but is now part of Oxfordshire.
Windsor, Sandhurst and Slough are all towns in Berkshire that were around in the 16th century.

However all these towns would be part of the Kingdom of England which was both well established and expanding. Scotland was still a seperate Kingdom at this time but Henry VIII was busy taking over Ireland at the time.

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Not part of a Kingdom!?

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If you want some nice names, try: Aston Tirrold, Sulhamstead Bannister, Stratfield Mortimer, Ashdown, Speen (Roman), or just check for more here

You can check how old the places are on wikipedia, but most places in England have been continously settled for hundreds or over a thousand years…

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Try Didcot, home of the Horney Toad Bar.

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