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What bugs you?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 14th, 2008

People and what makes them tick, or twitch in this case…it’s always interesting. So what’s your biggest pet peeve? Naming just one might be difficult…so how about your top three?

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2 things that always get under my skin:
– People who feel the need to repeatedly say your name when talking to you (I know my name, you don’t have to point it out, there are other ways to let me know what you’re saying is directed at me – try eye contact!)
– Excessive use acknowledgements, such as “ok, ok, ok”. That sounds more like auto-pilot than acknowledging what you’ve said and you end up feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall.

It also bugs me when people are so set in their ways that you can’t even discuss alternatives – it is remarkably frustrating!

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Three things I can’t stand are:

1. People that have no tact.
2. Anyone with an ‘I’m cooler than you’ attitude.
3. Waiting around for a lollygagger.

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1. Not getting enough sleep and how fast time goes by….
2. When a driver doesn’t use their blinker ( signal light) and is disrespectful//reckless on the road.
3. Rude/negative people that just enjoy bringing others down for the hell of it .

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@Wildflower: I totally agree. I can’t stand people who use my name when they are talking to me, because it seems so possessive, as if they use your name to get an advantage over you or something (like my mum does when she is angry with me).

I also can’t stand bad punctuation. I also hate it when people announce what they are doing as they do it… every single time they do some tiny little thing they just say what they are doing to no one in particular… that annoys me.

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1.) When people do not do what they say they will/not calling when you say you will.
2.) Lying
3.) Bad spellers
4.) High pitch voices/ESPECIALLY people with high pitch voices yelling

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People who don’t play certain video games based on the argument that the graphics didn’t look good. Yes there are a lot of bad looking games that are crappy, but look at things like Legend of Zelda; the Wind Waker, it a horrible judgment to make!

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1. Driving and cellphone use with no headset use. The driver almost causes and accident and then gets made at the other person or you for that matter. Pull over dummy.
2. People who are full of themselves instead of admitting they are wrong keep playing the high mighty road even though.

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1. Liars, when I catch someone in a lie I get really peeved
2. When people I don’t know well touch me. For example when I used to dye my hair random colors, like pink & yellow, I would have strangers come up and touch my hair and state, “How did you do this” like wtf, I didn’t touch you why are you touching me.
3.People who don’t know how to lose with style, its a fucking game, stop being a sore loser.

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1. People talking on their cell phones while being checked out in a store or peeing in a public bathroom.
2. Strangers who call me “Hon”, “Sugar”, “Sweetie”, or “Honey”.
3. Stupid people. Stupid, rude people. Stupid, rude people who reproduce.

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These are great responses and syz reminded me of somethings that I had forgotten about (the “hon” people) I haven’t run into those in awhile. It is more funny to me than annoying.
Things that bug me.
1. Drivers in the left lane that insist on driving 65 while people pile up behind them.
2. People that interrupt me when I am interrupting them.
3. People who are what I call “crisis creators”. they cannot function unless there isa crisis in their lives or someone else’s.

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I just remembered two more:
1. People who don’t respect personal space (this can actually bug me to the point of agression)
2. “Disaster Magnets”, i.e. people who always have bad things happening around them – but it’s never their fault…

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I hate little yippy dogs that bark a lot. Drives me nuts!

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1. Finger quotes.
2. Beginning a sentence with “Ugggh”.

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I can’t stand when people have to tell you what they know and act like they’re better than you!

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3. People who get mad when I touch their funky colored hair…:-)

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When a stranger touches my head without asking.

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1.) People that post questions with out googleing or searching fluther.
2.) People that always think they are right no matter what.
3.) People that used others just for there own selfish needs. (what ever it may be.)
4.) People that cheat in relationship’s.
5.) Guys that don’t have manners. i.e. Opening doors for girls, re-frame from cursing ect.
6.) People that take enormous hits of my weed, then complain that they didn’t get a big hit.

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i cant stand people who bitch about all the things they dont like ^_^

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People who go on and on and on…. oh that would that me.
Oh – people who pester you when you’re busy, and then pester you again….
Rumor/gossip mongers
People who complain about everybody else’s WHATEVER when their WHATEVER is worse….

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oh yeah! Another one. When people poke me. Like, continously poke me to get my attention!! I don’t know why but it really irritates me.

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@thehaight, yeah me too.

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1. Whiners. People that piss and moan like they have the worst problems in the world.

2. Know it alls You know the type. You say the sky is blue, and they have to tell you 15
reasons why.

3. Judgemental people They think they are so much better than anyone else.

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One-uppers. I had a friend, [Dan if you’re out there] that had to always one-up everyone.
I’d say, “hey Dan I went to Mexico last weekend, wanna hear about it.” His reply would be something like “Cool man, I just got back from touring in Japan for a month…”

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when people use big words and have no idea what the word means….

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uber, did you spell check that? Ha Ha!

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scamp they are real words just not in firefoxs dictionary heh ^_^

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@batman…lmfao, that’s hilarious.

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