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Government secret...

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone

we all know the government has secrets but I am not that knowledable abouut all this. What are some of the things they have tries go cover up or you think they r hiding? And does anyone no anything about this mating a cow and human stuff?

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I try to not to think about what the US government does or does not know – sometimes ignorance is bliss…
However, if you want some ideas as to what conspiracies are believed to be out there, have a look at Conspiracy Digest – if nothing else, it’s a good laugh ;)

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This book will change the way you see things.

Ok, maybe it won’t but it’s an entertaining read if you’re into conspiracy theories and the crazy people that obsess over them.

By the way, it’s almost the size of a phone book.

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They are merging the genetic makeup for a cow and human in order to create a breed of weopon expert “Super Cows”. Or so the theory goes.

Seriously though, genetic research and research into cloning actually has very little to do with the government, and the people who know the secrets worth keeping aren’t going to put them in a book or on Fluther. Also: be wary of ‘leaked information’.

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Just keep in mind that when the government releases information on a former secret project, you can figure the technology you see is at least 15 if not 25 or more years old. The capabilities and Gulf War performance of the Stealth Fighter was spectacular but just imagine what is being built right now or is just being put to paper. Or, even more impressive (or scary, depending on your perspective) would be the futuristic idea just germinating in the brain of some young nerdy scientist or engineer.

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crazy stuff is out there and trust me military has secrets, I have seen

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(X-Files music)

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They’re keeping a top secret technology code-named Project Spell Checker under wraps, where cows are being bred to serve humans as an enslaved mutant race of copy editors, among other things.

I read it on an ex-government scientist’s MySpace page!

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@sndfreQ lol I think I remember reading about that project spell checker a few days ago.

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I think its funny how talk of gov secrets r always made I to jokes but really I think its pretty freaky. I mean I see the humour but the reality of it is wyn I really think about it, I feel like a pawn in a game… I mean really the gov could do anything to us and if they screw up do they even get a slap on the wrist? Assuming anyone is even alive to do so? The other day I was driving and for some reason I thought hhow weird it would be if the gov released a chemical which made us all want to buy all this new technology as means of tracking our daily life and taking statistics on the average human. I mean I no thats paranoia and trust me I dont lock my self in a cage at night or anything. Just when I really really think about it I think its just crazy.

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What if a bomb goes off in a shopping centre as you walk through? What if your control switch in your cistern fails, it fills with water from the boiler, the plastic melts and boiling water pours onto you while you sleep? Where’s the difference? Besides, it wouldn’t happen. You get abducted from your home and imprisoned? Maybe. Chemicals in the air to make us buy things? That’s just advertising.

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