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Do you have any friends that you feel like you are constantly butting heads or disagreeing with?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 4th, 2011

I have one friend that I constantly disagree with. I feel as if I told her the sky were blue she would say “no the sky is purple.” We just seem to disagree about a lot. Sometimes I will argue the point, sometimes I will just let it go.

We have known each other about 15 years, and we do enjoy each other’s company otherwise, but when it comes to opinions we seem to be often at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Do you have anybody that you are friends with where this occurs often? What do you do about it?

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Most of my friends are my friends because of the things we have in common :-/
I rarely put up with difficult or argumentative people , there’s enough stress in my life…. If they’re bringing you down, cut them loose for a while, have a holiday from each other……. Give yourself a break.

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Yes…and it hurts like hell!! ;)

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My oldest friend does similar things. If I say I like a movie or an artist, she is sure not to like them. I don’t know if she actually feels that way, or just wants to be different from me. I think with old friends, it turns into a habit to disagree with each other, just so you have something new to discuss.

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I would not find that restful so I don’t have any friends like that.

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I do have friends that I disagree with.
I still love them,not their misguided,crazy opinions. XD

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I live in the place where the Bible belt snaps and stings at the end. If I had to agree to have friends I wouldn’t have any friends at all!

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I avoid having friends. I still do the head-butting thing, though.

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I have a friend like that – we’ve been on and off because of this very issue. Lately, we’re on but we’re avoiding topics we disagree on.

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I wouldn’t have a friend like that. All my friends have the same interests and viewpoints as myself.

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I have to be around my boss and she’s like that. I just have to remember it’s her, and not me. She thrives off of that type of conflict so I just make a concerted effort to not feed into it. I tell myself “I’m not going to let who she is change/control who I am”

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I don’t think I could handle it if I was always at odds with a friend. Of course everyone is going to disagree sometimes, but it would seem like one big argument to have it happen all the time.

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Ya. He is a Republican, and quite opinionated. Very funny, and a nice guy, but completely clueless when it comes to politics.

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I have a friend whom I love dearly, but our politics are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I know neither of us will change, but we are both ardent about our points of view, so, if the subject comes up, I just stop talking until the subject changes.

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