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What happens when two macho gentlemen wearing the same type and copious amount of cologne meet?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10839points) February 4th, 2011

What ensues? Something on the order of a demonstration like a male beta fish?

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A battle of the scents of epic proportions.

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The other people in the vicinity begin to gag.

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The room clears of anyone not nose-dead.

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They gel each other’s chest hair into the shape of a heart.
I need to get a coffee XD

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I think this battle has already been decided:

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spontaneous combustion. better be in a no smoking area.

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I don’t know – I’ve never had the pleasure, thankfully, to be around that.

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If equal in the odoriferousness department, they must do battle by reflecting light off their obligatory chest bling, temporarily blinding their opponent.

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Nothing. How would they know, after all? Neither one could smell the other.

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@thorninthemud Right, they have both probably destroyed their respective senses of smell by burning their sinuses with huge amounts of cocaine.

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@lucillelucillelucille – hehehe. what a mental image, ga!

I bet they just hold their respective noses while they chat. Or maybe they hold each other’s noses!!! Another interesting mental image!

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I imagine their nostrils begin to flare & their dicks har…..den!! An everlasting bond is sealed with a hug & a promise of more to come….one day, one fine beautiful day. It’s one theory at least :¬)

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@bkcunningham Gah, that cartoon was excellent. We should have a forum in fluther where we answer only in youtube clips!

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