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What, if any, protocol exists for wearing closed shoes without socks?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10839points) February 4th, 2011

No socks for me means my feet will sweat more and the inside of the shoes, and my feet will begin to stink.

Is this the norm, or have I missed some memo.

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it depends on the shoe. I wear dolly shoes without socks, but certain shoes just need socks!!

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Really depends on the shoe. I wear Chucks, Sperrys, and Vans most often and I hardly ever wear socks with those. My feet do get sweaty but… I’m kinda okay with that? With Chucks, there are also those holes on the side so that gives your feet some air.

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Socks are so comfy! Why would you not wear them? Unless you are trying to look like Sonny Crockett and live on a boat with an alligator.
I can throw my socks in the washing machine after a few hours of wear. Shoes, however, don’t recover well from a similar treatment. They just seem so dirty.

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I have never even considered wearing shoes without socks.

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@worriedguy Socks just aren’t comfortable for me. I have dress socks for work, and I’m all right with those because they’re thin, but on my down time I prefer sandals or just Sperrys without the socks (and if I do wear socks, they’re up to my ankle). I do live in Southern California though… that might have something to do with it.

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I’m in western NY where “The sun don’t shine and the snow is deep.”
Maybe SoCal is different but don’t your tootsies get dirty without socks? I don’t wear shoes in my home. Instead I wear thick fluffy warm socks. I like knowing I can wash them.

I can’t imagine wearing shoes without a layer between my leather and the cow’s.

By the way, ‘round these parts you’d be regarded with suspicion if you didn’t wear ‘em.

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I had to look up “tootsies” haha, but yes they do get dirty and there’s blisters too if you’re walking too much. If I know I’m going to be doing any extensive walking then I definitely bring the socks out. I just like being barefoot as much as possible. You can wash canvas shoes. Most of what I wear is canvas so I put my chucks in the wash occasionally… and there’s always foot powder, ha.

Hahaha, thank you for the tip then.

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My wife has a neuro doctor that wears dress shoes and no socks. i saw this one day and i dared my wife to ask him about this. “no way”, she said.

And, no, he is not from the south.

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I do that in the summer time, but it depends on the rest of the clothing and shoes.
It certainly is a casual moment. such as jeans, casual shoes and no socks. What’s the big deal anyway?

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I always wear socks with any type of closed shoe or boots, mainly because I would think it would increase getting blisters and the fact that it would lead to the shoes smelling terrible! Of course I do not wear socks with sandals, dolly shoes or anything with an open toe.

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