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What could you do to benefit your community?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) February 4th, 2011

If you wanted to devote, say, five hours this weekend to do something for your local community, what might you do? Is there anything you can just DO without having to sign up, or get permission, or know someone in advance?

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I volunteer to sell tickets at the box office for our indie film club.
I work at the polls on election day for the Dems.

My sister volunteers to take inventory at the local food coop.

My best friend mentors two fifth grade boys for an hour each, once a week.

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I do volunteer work at our local food pantry, I do the same at our school and Historical society.
I also work at all our Arbor day and City volunteer activities.
If you want to just pitch in without signing up or getting permission, you can pick up trash, rake leaves or weed flowers at a park or cemetery. Sweep or shovel snow from the sidewalk on your block or in front of public buildings that need attention.

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We help the Coalition to Unchain Dogs build fences on many Sundays.

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I would go to a park and pick up trash.
It’s nice to be outside:)

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Yeah similar to @lucillelucillelucille

I’ve been outside today picking up the rubbish that has blown down the street from my neighbours bins because of the very high winds we’re experiencing at the moment! :-/

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You can do neighborhood clean up. You could try a church… if you’re into that sort of thing.

As far as being able to just randomly volunteer though, that’s not something I’m familiar with. There’s usually forms you need to fill out and a clearance and background checks that the organization has to approve of before a person is able to join.

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How about taking a walk with trash bag or two picking up discarded cans and bottles. You’ll help the community, get exercise and make a few bucks, too. And you won’t need permission or schedule it with anyone.

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Sounds like if someone wants to pitch in, the only answer I’m hearing is “Rubbish!”

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Most town or city tasks need to be sanctioned for a liability reason.
I volunteer for local town stuff too, but actually sign up once I understand the commitment.
You certainly can be a good do-bee and pick up trash, but you may also get asked what you are doing by the local authorities.

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Move out.

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@WasCy I guess you didn’t see the five hour limit.

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Bring food, blankets, etc to local homeless shelters or animal shelters. Let a person cut in front of you at the grocery store line if they have only a few items, be a considerate driver, pay for the person behind you’s toll or pay their balance at a fast food drive in. (people will hopefully pay it forward which helps the community.) Clean out your closet/ garage/ attic and donate to local thrift store or Goodwill. Technically, you could do all of these within a 5 hour time span…..

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@KhiaKarma Nice. You’ve got me thinking.

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I would visit and see what is listed in my area.

I visit and every day.

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We all forgot Habitat for Humanity.

This is a very active branch, in my county.

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I really want to work with refugees to help them learn English and help them get used to living here. It is on my list of things to do this year but I just started a new job and I don’t want to start something and then not be able to commit to the level I need to. So, I am waiting until I get my feet under the table in this new role and then I will definitely do that.

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I got a letter from Habitat for Humanity the other day. Never heard of it before then.

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