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Why do people promise to text you back and don't but consider you to be a friend? This really pisses me off. What do you think?

Asked by suzie271 (284points) February 4th, 2011

My friend text me at 4 pm to say that she wants to meet up with me later around 8.30 pm but will have to text me back in an hour as she is not sure of the time.

7.45pm comes and I haven’t received a text yet.

I decide to text her and she texts back like nothing ever happened. Doesn’t even say sorry.

Opinions please.

WTF… ??

Why do people who call you a friend do crap like this ?

I think communication is the key to any relationship.

Things like this really piss me off.

And no she didn’t have a major emergency.

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Without more context, it seems like you’re just being sensitive. There are a number of things that could have happened, although just blatantly disregarding you after making plans is very rude.

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It is called integrity and apparently she didn’t do what she said she would so it is hard to trust her and she broke her word. We all will break our words on occasion the difference in having integrity or not is to make the event complete and appologize for not keeping your word. If it matters that much to you then call her on it and ask her what is up.

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I think social manners should be taught in school ( not that everyone would follow them).

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Your friend seems either flighty or uncaring.

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To me, it depends on if this is common for the friend or an unusual situation. If this is something they do all the time, you either learn to live with it or drop the friendship. By the way, I find this behavior annoying as well. As I have gotten older, I have learned to either accept it because it is something they do to everyone or stop contacting them because I find it too annoying and the aggravation is not worth it (my response depends on the person and our relationship).

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Did you ask her why she didn’t text you back? You said she acted like nothing had happened, perhaps she forgot or something else came up and she didn’t have a chance to tell you. She’s the only one that can tell you why she did this.

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Maybe she still didn’t know what time….she thought she would have more info in an hour but it didn’t work out. Of course, I am just hypothesizing. It would really bug me if I had a friend that got upset about things like that. I mean, all you had to do was touch base with her. Don’t sweat the little stuff… if she didn’t answer when you texted her again, that would be a different story. Then I would feel stood up.

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I think that happens a lot during text conversations and its annoying. Some of my freinds laugh at me, and others feel the same way. Just because you are texting someone doesn’t mean that the rules of communication should be vacated.

If you had spoken to her on the phone and she said she’d call you later, would you be suprised if she didn’t?

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Texting is my least favorite way of communicating. It’s fine for very short messages that you need to send in a hurry, but for actually having a conversation, it sucks. You don’t have the space to write with any detail, because it only lets you send a sentence or two at a time. You also don’t hear or see the person you’re talking to so you miss out on things like tone of voice and facial expression. A lot of meaning gets lost.

So when your friend said, “I’ll text you back in an hour,” she probably meant, “I’ll text you back in a while,” or “as soon as I find out.” Then, either she didn’t have the answer in an hour or it slipped her mind. That was irresponsible. Meanwhile, you’re stewing in passive-agressive rage and waiting until three hours later to finally text her. Why don’t you just give her a call next time?

By the way, if I had a friend who questioned my integrity or our friendship, or got really pissed off, because I didn’t text her back soon enough, I’d think that was pretty psycho. If a little thing like a text message causes this big of a problem, then what happens when someone actually does something wrong? My best friend and I have forgiven each other for huuuuge stuff, because we trust each other. A late text message shouldn’t even be a blip on the radar.

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