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What did robitussin do to my body last night?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) February 4th, 2011

I drank a little, well a lot of, extra cough syrup (robitussin) with the active ingredient DMX to get high last night and I got way to loaded, I threw up twice and I felt like the world was upside down for a good two hours, could not focus at all. But I have 3 main questions.

First, what did it do to my body in terms of damage?

Second, How did my body take it, like is the syrup “digesting” like food or what?

And third, is there anything I should do today to flush it out or should I just go about my normal routine?

P.S. I’ll never do this again.

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yeah – I dreamed about dead kittens and an albino with a yellow Fedora and a red sports coat. That’s when I knew it was time to cut back on the cold meds…

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Just out of curiosity… how do you feel today? A friend of mine died from a Robo trip gone wrong… please don’t mess with it again!

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Ahhhh, the Robo-trip…let me tell you, I experimented a lot with DXM back in the day, in fact I think you could say it was my drug of choice. I liked the dissociated feeling it gave me a lot. So I am not going to slam you like some others might about trying it.
To flush out, I would drink lots of water, all day long. Eat a square meal. And let it ride out, as it inevitably will.

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As far as how your body handles it, the main ingredient in cough syrup is high fructose corn syrup. So it’s a lot like drinking a bottle of corn syrup. Your pancreas probably went into a bit of shock, and the sugar passed through your system fairly quickly. The drug is actually metabolized through your liver, which takes a bi of time. And then there are some fillers that would pass through eventually also.

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There is a website about DXM which can tell you a lot more than we can.,

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I don’t know about DXM, but a lot of these over the counter drugs contain Asprin or Acetaminophen which have very dangerous side effects as well.
I had a friend who’s daughter overdosed on Asprin and almost died because she ruined her kidneys. I don’t know if she ever go a kidney transplant but you can see how playing with meds can have serious consequences.

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What I don’t understand is how someone as obviously as concerned about his health as you are could deliberately try to overdose on a medication.

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You’ve been given some good links about DMX already. As far as how your body handles it, it does so just like any other liquid you drink.

I am curious, with as many questions as you ask about taking medications to stay healthy and all the concerns you have about being healthy, why would you do this?

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I have done that a couple times when I was a teenager. A lot of fun, but very dangerous. The second time I did it I threw up like you did. Definitely not something anyone should try doing. Like everyone else said, let it flush out of your system and drink a lot of water.

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And by the way, those who are concerned with health don’t necessarily avoid taking drugs to have an experience. I wouldn’t expect a doctor to understand something like that.

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I was about to say the same thing that @Rarebear did. If you want to get a buzz, have a few beers. Taking waaaayyyy too much cough syrup isn’t going to do anything good for you, healthwise or otherwise.

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@seelix Neither is a few beers. He’s 19 and male.

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@Rarebear – How could I have forgotten? ;)
The drinking age here is 19; forgive me! In any case, I’d imagine that it’d be better to have a couple of drinks than take way more than the recommended dose of any medication.

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@Seelix My cousins live in Detroit. Back when I was 18 I’d go visit them and we’d go to Windsor and drink legally.

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Why the hell would anyone over the age of 14 do something like that??

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