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Did anyone see the videos of the UFO in Jerusalem?

Asked by Summum (5509points) February 4th, 2011

I was just wondering what others thought of this event? And what do you think of the building it was over? There is much in prophecy about the Dome of the Rock. What is your view?

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I suspect fraud or a hoax. I’d first like to know what two video cameras were doing filming ‘nothing’ when the alleged UFO appeared. Was this part of a Seinfeld-type “show about nothing” being filmed in Israel?

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I did and if it was a hoax, it was damned good one!! I could have done without the Mississippi lady and her abominable accent. :-/

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There are quite a few videos of it and some are at the very beginning. There were many people that filmed it.

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I need more information, and evidence. Sorry. That was cool, though.

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@Blackberry It is what it is and I’m not trying to convince anyone they exist though I believe they do but I thought it was very interesting. Thanks for looking at it.

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That was a very interesting video. Looked like just a ball of light so I don’t think it was a spacecraft of some type. If it was a hoax than it was quite elaborate.
@WasCy I’ve gone on trips and video taped the city lights of places that I have been. Nothing would be going on but I just like to video tape it for memories.
I assume they were trying to get a video of the dome all lit up if it wasn’t a hoax of some kind.

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There are several videos and one that I saw made it look like a saucer but that is my view of it. From that video you can see it whirling around as well. It was one that someone took that was closer to the Dome.

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Well, you know UFOs – they go to all the latest hotspots of international attention and the such. I expect to see some above Egypt as well.

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I wish someone could get a close-up of one of these whatever-they-are. Why do they always have to be miles away?

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I don’t believe it’s extraterrestrial life coming to check us out. Neat videos though.

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Check out this site if you look at the video when it is in the air in the dark about 6 lights come together and hover over the area.

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Whenever I see a video about these sightings, the light is always the same. A far-away circle of phosphorescent, pulsing light that moves strangely and behaves oddly. This is the only thing that makes me wonder about it.

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@Summum that video makes me even more skeptical. Why, in the synchronized videos, are the people at the same height and same distance taking a video? It’s like a pair of neighbors shooting the same video at the same time.

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What I think about them is that there is more solid evidence for ET visitors than thos blurry videos.

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@ragingloli Oh I know of lots of other evidence but this just happened and I wanted to share it with others. Thanks

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I can see if someone is a believer in UFO’s, which I am, they’d have to think they are lit up very brightly inside and out. Or why else are the videos always of a “ball of light” spinning? Actually, now that I think of it, they aren’t. Often they are 3 lights at each end of a triangle.

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@Aster Yes and there are many without much light in the daylight. Down in Mexico there are many photos of those. But this was seen by so many people and it was filmed from 4 different angles. I hope they put them all together and come up with what they think it looked like.

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@Summum : Thank you for sharing the link.

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By the way I give lurve for whoever answers my questions. Thanks @hawaii_jake

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Thanks, @Summum. I do the same thing. Lurve all around!

I find the whole UFO thing very interesting. I doubt that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe, but I have yet to see anything that proves it absolutely.

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Well, there were sightings in Utah on the same day. Look.

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The Jerusalem ones, four videos with different wacky differences, from the same spot, seem fake to me.

The one in Utah would I think probably be Mormon angels descending to find out how the heck the Mormon mortals managed to lose those golden tablets that were supposedly found in the desert but now can’t be produced.

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That’s creepy… it is weird that they have all the same angles, but I’m confused about the Utah/Jerusalem thing. How’d they do it at the same time?

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its a really well done hoax. I have no idea how they did it

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Why would anyone travel that far and not say hello?

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@Zaku the Mormon brass plates were found in New York. We don’t have them now because the Angel Moroni made Smith hand them back. what else can we expect?

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@Zaku and @Aster The Mormon plates were actually gold and they were found in New York. The stuff you Fluthers come up about the Mormons is humorous.

I believe that we are not alone in the universe. I find it interesting the two places they chose to visit if “they” were ET’s. Wonderful hoax if that’s the case.

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@Zaku The Golden plates are not lost they are safe from mankind and still intact as is the Ark of the Covanent. I’ve been to the mountain vault in Utah and there are thousands of different kinds of plates from all over the world stored there. Some are in stone and others in metals. I have held some and seen the odd characters on them. I couldn’t believe how very small the writing is on some of them.

By the way the two places having had the same experience is VERY significant. It tells such a huge story and a person should look at the Dome of the Rock and what significance it has in predicted history. Also investigate the word cloud and its history. Just saying.

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@Summum Awesome! Thanks, Summum.

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The book of Mormon says that Moroni buried the plates before he died after a great battle between two pre-Columbian civilizations. After he died, he was resurrected, became an angel, and was tasked with guarding the golden plates, and with eventually directing Joseph Smith to their location in the 1820s. According to Joseph Smith, he returned the golden plates to Moroni after they were translated and as of 1838 Moroni still had the plates in his possession.[1]

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@Aster Thanks for the additional background. So was Moroni hanging out in New York guarding the plates 1820–1838?

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Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in September of 1823 and eventually showed Joseph where the plates were buried. It was in Manchester, Ontario County, New York. There were several others who were given the right to see them and to hold them.

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@Zaku No; and sorry-I just now saw your question. Moroni, after directing Joseph to the plates buried in a hill conveniently located near his home, vanished. Joseph claimed he kept the plates and translated them into The Book of Mormon which took a couple of years. He said they were written in “reformed Egyptian.” But, then, he had an interest in the Egyptians. Smith purchased a mummy from a circus I believe.
Before they were taken back by Moroni, several men claimed to have either “hefted the plates” or had “seen them with my spiritual eye.” They were covered with a sheet or some sort of cloth cover when this allegedly occurred. Fearing they’d not be believed, since Smith was a well-known ‘money digger’ for years and was actually prosecuted for it, they signed affadavits saying they saw the plates. Several of them were brothers.

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the name “moroni” amuses me

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I know. It sounds like an entree from The Olive Garden.

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