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If your cat/dog or any pet for that matter could speak, which famous voice would best suit it's personality?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 4th, 2011

Oh you know, voiceover artists from the movies. They can make or break a particular animal characters personality. So, with that in mind, who would you say might be an ideal candidate to express your pets innermost thoughts? Doesn’t have to be an actor, could be anyone famous living or dead. Bit of a crazy question I know, but hey….might have legs.

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My cat at home would sound like Marilyn Monroe.

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My dog would sound like Mariah Carey’s singing voice .She can’t bark clearly.Too many riffs.
My male cat would sound like Robert Mitchum and the female cat would sound like Sally Kellerman.
The fish would sound like Aquaman. ;)

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My cat speaks with a french accent – he sounds like Gerard Depardieu (and no I am not into Gerard) that is just how I imagine him speaking. English with a french accent. “I am ‘ere…why are you not attending to ma needs?????” Spoiled Brat.

My girl dog – sounds like Isla Fisher in The Wedding Planners – she is a four legged stalker who loves my husband totally and if she was human we would need to take out an AVO.

My boy dog is more like scoobydo… “aww stroke my belly mum. Go on, go on.. you know you wanna”.

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We do our cats’ voices ourselves. I guess the closest thing to those voices would be the skank voice on Robot Chicken that they use for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

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I would visualize my pets as characters in films more than voices of actors.
In that case, my 3 kittens ( I call them the kittens but they are really about 2 years old) are definitely the 3 Stooges.

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I always imagined that my cat Hershey would sound like the female hyena at 0:23.

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I think the dog here would sound like Roseanne. So I’m glad she doesn’t speak.

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I think both of our dogs would sound like whoever voiced the goofy golden retriever in Up.

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My female cat would talk like “Mary Queen of Scotts”.

My male cat would talk like “Wimpy” (from Popeye).

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My cat would sound like Sandra Bullock.

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My pit would talk like Barry White cause he just can’t get enough of your love baaabe :-p

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My Golden would sound like Jerry Lewis. The Boston terrier, some prohibition era gangster.

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She (a tiny, hyper Labrador) would definitely sound like Amy Sedaris.

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Thelma Ritter, a bit player from the 40’s and 50’s. She had that New York innercity jewish accent. That voice would be perfect for my cocker.

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our big blue “Russel“most definitely would have the voice of James Earl Jones. The other one “Ese’ “would be Cheech Marin.

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Milo here: After my diction lessons, I sound like Kenneth Branagh (St. Crispin’s Day speech ). Gail gets goosebumps.

And after my vocal training, I sound better than Fischer-Dieskau singing Der Erlk├Ânig.

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Our old cat Miro would have to be Sean Connery laid back and low and just a wee bit sneaky…

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Talked it over and after a fit of giggling decided the Boston Terrier is Joe Pesci.

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My cat would be Cybil Shepherd. The dog is Lucille Ball from the I Love Lucy days.

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