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What magazines do you subscribe to?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) February 4th, 2011

I enjoy mostly the DIY/home/girly magazines/self improvement (Real Simple, RedBook, Good Housekeeping, Oprah) but just received my first subscription of Time in the mail and feel like a real person (now, if only I take the time to read it!).

What do you enjoy reading? What magazines get delivered to your home that you don’t ever read? Which would you like to receive (I think they’re great presents)?

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Scientific American
Sky and Telescope
Newsletter for the National Center for Science Education

I read them all.

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Ceramics Monthly,Pottery Making Illustrated and Clay Times.
The centerfolds will curl your hair.
Actually,I don’t look at the pictures,I just read the articles. ;)

I would like to get a few mags dealing with painting techniques,new art,etc.

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I love getting Astonomy, Games, and the New Yorker, but I don’t subscribe to any.

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This Old House, Consumer Reports.

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My two are ‘enlightenment today’ & ‘Budget travel.’

What else would a middle aged hippie throwback need?
Travel in Zen mode…that’s all there is in my humble opinion. lol

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Lots of house and garden type magazines. I still kill plants though….Is it me?

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The New Yorker. I also buy the New York Times Sunday edition solely for the Magazine section.

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Since the Internet, none.

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Asimov SF Magazine
Analog Science Fiction and Fact

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None for me either. I read The New Yorker, Harper’s and Adirondack Life at the library and the NYT online every day.

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National Geographic
Off Our Backs
Working Mother
The Rolling Stones
The Sun
Skeptical Inquirer
The Advocate

Note: I don’t enjoy or stand behind some of these publications – I read them for ammunition.

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I subscribe to BUST and VenusZine. I like them both very much.

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Did someone say boobs?

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I had Scientific American for a while, and Better Homes and Gardens for a while, also. Seemed like a waste of money, I never renewed my subscriptions.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I don’t know if you are into alternative womens’ magazines with a feminist slant, but the two above are worth looking into.

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@SamIAm have you checked out the two I mentioned?

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The New Yorker.

Every week has a long newsy article, a short story, poetry, humor and a bunch of short pieces. And of course lots and lots of cartoons.

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Oddly enough, my home gets free copies of Reader’s Digest mailed to it. There are so many doctors in my family that Reader’s Digest probably thinks my house is a clinic!

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Scientific American
Scientific American Mind
American Rifleman
And the magazines of the various veteran and military organizations to which I belong.

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National Geographic and Outside Magazine.

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Cycle Sport

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I have an online subscription to Consumer Reports.
My hard-copy subscription to MAD magazine expired, but I’ll probably renew it.
I had an unrequested sub to Rolling Stone, but it might have expired.

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New Yorker
Real Simple
Martha Stewart (I think my daughter sent me a subscription to this; it just started coming)

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I don’t subscribe to any magazines, but I do buy a few every now and then. I like:

Psychology Today
Mental Floss
Scientific American Mind
The Hockey News

Very rarely will I buy a news magazine; we get the Toronto Star for free at our building and watch CBC for news.

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Nat Geo
Reader’s Digest
Psychology Today

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Vice and Nat Geo

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@Twinkletoes22 Vice! Now there’s a magazine I have not thought about in awhile…

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@ladymia69 Yeah my favorite.. I also just bought there dvd Vice’s travel guide. Good stuff for sure.

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Vegetarian Times


Better Homes and Gardens

Cooking Light

I love just about any kind of cooking magazine and often pick them up for a quarter or a dime at the thrift store. I also like home improvement/home and garden types of magazines. I like looking at Martha Stewart’s Living, but the recipes are way too complicated and time consuming for my taste. I like Rachel Ray’s magazine, but she doesn’t have enough vegetarian recipes for me to subscribe. I love looking at Paula Deen’s magazine, but a lot of her stuff is just too fattening, and also not enough veg recipes. But for the holidays, Paula rocks!

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I do not subscribe to any magazines. I look at some in libraries and newsstands. I look at “ScientificAmerican”, “Bazaar”, “Vogue”, “NationalGeographic”, “Smithsonian”, “Skeptic”, “Skeptical Enquirer”, “Flex”, Muscle & Fitness’, etc.

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I used to subscribe to Nat Geo and Discover. At the doctor’s office I’ll peruse Newsweek and stuff. Now I just get my stuff online.

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