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Women, do you think like a man or think like a woman thinking like a man?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) February 5th, 2011

Women, do you think like a man or think like a woman thinking like a man? When I worked as a nail tech (no I am not gay) many of the women tried to figure men out, and since I did their fingers they seen me as a barkeep was to a man. I would give them a test to see if they could think like a man or if they were stuck thinking like women trying to think like a man.

Imagine you are at the home of friends with many other friends as guest also. It is 1am in the morning and you can’t sleep. You go to the kitchen to get a glass of milk but to not disturb those sleeping in the dining room you don’t turn the lights on. After you pour your milk and before the door closes on the fridge the light catches a ham and cheese on sourdough sandwich. It looks as if it just made because the cheese is still cold. There is no one in sight. What do you do?

<A> Assume who made it had to step to the loo and will be back to get the sandwich.
<B> Think the person who made it forgot and wrap it up and put it in the fridge for them to get later.
<C> See no one, have a glass of milk in hand, tell yourself ”They must have known I was coming and _made it for me_”, and take the sandwich and enjoy it guilt free.

Which one A, B, or C, would most men do?

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See, this is such a generalisation. Not all men think the same way, my guess is that the answers would be fairly evenly distributed amongst the three answers, for both men and women. And no, it’s not normal for men (or women) to assume the sandwich was made for them, and they help themselves to it. Maybe it could be for men raised in certain parts of certain countries. Maybe is was for the place you were raised, but it’s certainly not universal. Neither I nor any other man I know would take the sandwich guilt-free, without waiting first to check who owned it.

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@downtide GA
I’d just make my way back to bed, without making any of those assumptions. I might obsess about the sandwich, sans ham, for the rest of the night :-)

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Sex exists along a spectrum rather than a being a binary switch, and gender is a social construct. “Male” and “female” therefore, while they are archetypal symbols, and they exist, are not necessarily connected to any particular set or combination of genitalia. And in every woman is a man (the Animus) and within every man is a woman (the Anima).

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I think the way I think. Where do you think up these questions?

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If my wife was sleeping, I’d know it was an intruder. If she wasn’t sleeping, I’d assume she made it for herself.

None of your options make sense to me, by the way. Are you sure you’re a man? ~

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How is a woman supposed to know whether she thinks like a man or like a woman thinking like a man?

With respect to the scenario, no one of my friends (male or female) would just take the sandwich, nor would they assume that someone made it for them.

Are you implying that men are self-absorbed, or that women think men are self-absorbed? Because I think you’re wrong on both counts.

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I’m a man who thinks like a woman. But a really beautiful, intelligent woman who looks like a man on the outside. Does that make sense?

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Your “test” for thinking like a man is bogus.

However, I think like a woman not a man.

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I don’t know, but I seriously hope I never get stuck thinking like you.

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I got lost around the ham sandwich scenario.

I think like I think, and that is unique unto myself, no way to generalize gender.

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It would hurt my head too much to attempt to answer this question (if I were a woman) so I thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster once again for making me a man and able to avoid having to answer this question.

And speaking as a man, I would never get up in the middle of the night in a friend’s house to get a glass of milk – nor drink milk anywhere else, for that matter – wouldn’t ‘check the cheese’ to see if it were still cold who on earth would, I wonder? and wouldn’t eat a sandwich left lying out on a counter only moments ago by someone else unless they had used the jalapeno mustard, some nice Swiss cheese, dill pickle chips and hot banana pepper slices when they made it, and then said and this is the key, “Here; this is for you.”

Now I’m wondering: Who thinks up questions like this, anyway?

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As a guest in someones home, I or and, my husband would not get up in the first place and risk waking the household unless we had to go to the bathroom or felt ill or extremely thirsty. However we usually take a bottle of water to the bedroom in case we do get thirsty in the middle of the night. We otherwise would just read a book or try to go back to sleep and wait till morning.
So none of the situations would ever occur. We don’t raid other people refrigerators as they sleep. That is simply rude behavior.

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I don’t like ham and cheese AND I’m not generally hungry in the middle of the night BUT if I was I probably wouldn’t waste time eating because I’d rather be in bed. But, if was a guest I would never presume to raid someone else’s fridge in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day, for that matter, unless I had permission. I’d probably wrap it up and put it back in the fridge. So B. And that means…..? I haff goot manners and polityness?

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I have several good friends along with myself, that employ an open door policy.

No one takes advantage of the situation but there is nothing off limits to any of us in each others homes short of toothbrushes and sex toys. lol

Close friends and family I take no issue with raiding my fridge in the middle of the night, do what you want!

On a more casual basis with people that are not very close I would refrain from anything that could be considered inconsiderate.

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and no I’m not gay
nobody is worrying, believe me

not about that anyhow
I think like I think

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@downtide Not all men think the same way, my guess is that the answers would be fairly evenly distributed amongst the three answers, for both men and women. I think I said most that is why I didn’t say all. And thinking it would be even across the board no matter what side of the gender bloc you are on is an opinion. Thanks for making it.

@janbb Where do you think up these questions? This particular question came from years of holding pretty women’s hands while I made their nails look pretty and having them pepper me with questions as to why their man does this, why won’t he do that, I can get him to see whatever. They, by their line of questions, seem to be trying to think like a man to figure their man out, and when they couldn’t they would ask me. I guess they felt as a straight male I had a straight male perspective. Guys and gals do think fundamentally different or else you would see the home and garden show equally populated as the truck and tractor pull or the wet t-shirt contest.

@Seelix Are you implying that men are self-absorbed, or that women think men are self-absorbed? Being self-absorb goes far beyond copping a sandwich. But I do believe many women think men or somewhat self-absorbed or just clueless. I have been asked many times why can’t a guy put the seat down even after they been living together 8 months. Even I could not tell them why that was.

@psychocandy I don’t know, but I seriously hope I never get stuck thinking like you. Good! I hope not either. Too many people thinking out-side-the-box at this high level might start to make me look mediocre; the fewer there are at the top the better I like it. ;-)

@Simone_De_Beauvoir and no I’m not gay
nobody is worrying, believe me If there was anyone I would think that would be the closest to the poster child of being mislabeled or found guilty by association it would be you. If you are with the baby, you are a mother. If you are with Jean, you are a spouse. If you come from the bedroom with a woman and both of you have smeared lips stick or something, you are a lesbian. If you wear make up, you are a woman. You will get lumped in what group people are use to seeing you in by the external clues they see. Since most men in the nail business are either gay or Asian and you can’t be Asian you end up being seen the other. Most people can’t connect with straight Black or Caucasian men doing that because it is very rare. And many of my customers found it rare to, and they told me as much.

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I just realised that I didn’t actually say what I would do in that situation. I would pick “A” but I would also look at the sandwich, think “Oh that’s a good idea” and make myself another.

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I’m the man your man could smell like if you were a woman and not a man.

Also, I’m on a horse…. Backwards.

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@Hypocrisy_Central All that about me is right? I do get labeled by people as do we all. So what? I don’t put it out there that I’m not straight when I talk about my work.

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Did somebody say “Don’t care?” Yes. I’m sure they did. More than one person has said it, more than one time.

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