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Whats a good way to distract yourself?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) February 5th, 2011

I’m currently waiting on test results from my doctor…..Could be Tuesday before I get any info…I’m driving myself nuts thinking about this,(mainly because they said they would put a “rush” on the test results….) I’m up to 43 different things that “could” cause my symptoms… I need to stop…. What could I do to focus on something else? ........anything else…. preferably not alcohol/drug related also Physical Activities are not a viable option…

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Fluther works well.

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Well- if it were I regular activities might not suffice.

How about joining a gaming site like WOW which takes you into another world. If you don’t focus you will get killed so that might distract.
(I am not into gaming much but did find it very distracting to try)

Also- on a side note. I had a radiologist do the same thing to me. It is unnerving. Nothing was wrong. I am hoping your results are the same.

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Realize that all the mind stories and worry are doing NOTHING to change the outcome of the lab tests.

Infact, you are helping to CREATE health issues by your anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

Take a drive, watch a movie, go for a walk. It is hard for mind to ruminate when running.

The more you move your body the quieter your mind will become.

Best wishes!

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I find being with friends makes me forget my troubles.

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@Dog I’m working on the Resident Evil games….But can only play for a few hours…

@Coloma Looking up things doesn’t create things…My anxious comes from having the symptoms not from what I’m finding out what it could be… Fact finding usually helps me calm down from things but not about this…I’ve never had anything this serious before…Driving doesn’t distract me enough. Also Physical activities will most likely put me in the hospital or kill me…

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It’s time to alphabetize the spice cabinet. You’ll be glad you did no matter which way the results turn out.
Good luck.

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@worriedguy lol…good idea….except I’ve already done that…after I bought them.

But I might take all my DVD off the shelf, mix them up and resort them….that should kill a few hours….though it may be too much physical work

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Masturbate. Works for me.

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@SkulpTor Um….somethings you should keep to yourself…

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I’m a big fan of reading, crosswords, word searches and loud music when I desperately need distracting. Your mileage may vary though.

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I design new needlepoint projects, or go on

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@tranquilsea Good idea…I plan on getting a new book tomorrow…crosswords and word searches are very interesting if you try to solve them without filling them in…but I’m too tired for that…

@YARNLADY um…thanks…but I’m not interested in needlepoint and that site seems like a scam of some kind…

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@coffeenut I agree and is why I keep my chocolate under lock and key! ;)

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@coffeenut is a legitimate site that gives food to charity for the points you earn on the games they have.

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@YARNLADY On a site called “Free Rice” they give food to starving people solely based on me playing games…and earning points to judge the amount of food they give…....This doesn’t sound really fucked up to you?

….....Why not just give them the food?

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@coffeenut Huh? that is just giving them the food, except it doesn’t cost you a cent. The games are just to add some extra fun to it while you encourage the advertisers to donate money, instead of you donating your own money. It’s win-win.

I don’t get what you are on about. Are you looking for something to distract yourself, or just an argument?

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Movies are a good distraction. In theater, rented or whatever. Alone or with a friend, movies can take you out of yourself for a couple hours at a time. I also second (or third) the idea of Fluther. Gives you someone else’s troubles to think about.
What you are going through, many people have gone through before you. I would advise you NOT to talk to people who have ‘been there.’ Everybody’s case is different and people love to go on about how terrible their experiences were. . . It’s a good time to review your philosophy of life and where you find faith and peace of mind. Good luck to you.

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No argument…I just think it’s a really bad site. Based in individual contribution.

1 answer = 10 grains of rice…So 1 cup of rice = 7385 grains (apx) (I counted in my cooking cup) = 739 answers…..

So if I wanted to send a 10lb bag of rice it would cost $11.00—$13.00 plus shipping…
10 lb bag = 500 cups (apx) = 3,692,500 grains (apx) = 369,250 Answers…

Say it takes 3 sec to answer 1 question…It would take 13 days (no sleep) to answer all the questions…

369,250 Answers = 1,107,750 sec = 18,462.5 min = 308 hr = 13 days…

But this was a good distraction…so thanks.

@Sunny2 Movies are ok..I just got a few new(ish) ones today…

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