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Are you ready for the Cupid Countdown.........February 14th?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) February 5th, 2011

The countdown is on and Cupid is sharpening his arrows to send them to the ones you love. How many loves are in your heart? One, two, three…....10? Question: Christmas is over, spring is on its way, but, first we must make it through Valentines Day. Planning is the key and Cupid is here to help. Question: if there is more than one love in your life, how do you keep them apart? What are your special plans for Valentines Day? This question applies also to the ladies. Ladies, it’s time to tell it like it is and your plans to corral that special guy.

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I hate Valentines Day. Since I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with I won’t be counting down. Even if I did I would still hate Valentines Day.

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There was a time in the beginning of my marriage when I would get a bit jealous of all the woman I worked with that received these lovely, expensive flowers on Valentines’s Day. My husband and I couldn’t afford such luxuries. I grew up and realized I didn’t need a Hallmark holiday to tell me when to expect love and gifts from my husband. I know my husband loves and appreciates me, and he shows me in his own ways. That’s good enough for me.

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I’ve got no one to celebrate with :/ I had plans, but they fell through. I am considering observing Anti-Valentine’s Day, though, by doing unromantic things/watching unromantic movies/listening to unromantic songs

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My husband will be in Amsterdam on Valentine’s Day- he probably will have more fun than I will!

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There is no love in me, and about that, I am quite glad.
I shall be, forever alone

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I hate the day, everyone in school turns into a complete moron, emotions get out of controll and everyone is all “happy cheery”. I always try to miss valentines day.

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Heh, one of my co-workers says she’s going on three dates for Valentines day.

Early on in the relationship, my boyfriend and I established that we don’t like traditional Valentine’s stuff… it’s just not up our alley. We’re going to get really high and drink lots of wine, then cook up a little dinner that will grow to like five courses by the time we’re finished. Then we’re going to watch Star Wars on mute with trance music playing over the top and come up with our own MST 3000. After the movie we’ll probably be hungry again and we’ll go out for 24-hour Korean BBQ. I’m super looking forward to it.

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I got to a point in life where I really hated the commercialism involved in Valentine’s Day (Christmas came later). I have given my husband a free pass for 15 years. Just last year I told him that if he wanted he could buy me a dozen red roses on February 15th or 16th because I do like them and most stores are overstocked at that point and he’ll get them at a fraction of the cost.

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My countdown is for counting down until we are done with all of the jewelry commercials and card commercials! Seriously? You’re only worthy of romance and love one day out of the year? And that love must be shown with over-priced flowers, expensive jewels and a card that likely costs too much? Sorry, but I think there are better ways to express love. Whew. Thanks for letting me get that out.

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