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Can I copy a cd to a blank cd-r?

Asked by boots74 (66points) April 14th, 2008

I purchased a set of learning cd’s. My sister wants to borrow them, is there a way I can make a copy of the cds before I loan them out? (just incase they get lost)

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Well, you need to rip the CD’s contents to a folder in order to burn them to a new CD. There are some programs that will do this for you, but I’m not sure of what they are. I’d google “rip CD contents” or something like that.
Once you have the contents in a folder you can burn the folder to a new CD.

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can’t you just put them in your iTunes, then make a playlist with them on it, then burn the playlist to a blank cd-r?
.. or maybe not. i don’t know.

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Well, they’re learning CDs not music CDs

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Oh. I didn’t know that made a difference. I just learned something new!

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If your computer has 2 disk drives(like mine) you can directly copy the CDs without ripping the files.

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If they are just data cds and you have windows xp with only one cd drive…copy the contents into a folder on your c:\ drive. then put in a blank cd. copy the files to the blank cd.

If you’re not familiar with burning cds in windows…here’s how to do it…

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