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How often do you eat fast food? Be honest.

Asked by Twinkletoes22 (289points) February 5th, 2011

I want to see how often people eat fast food through their week and why.

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Not McDonald’s, but I eat fast food once or twice a week. Because I’m lazy.

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Never! Well….rarely and only when I am on the road traveling long distance to visit people I need to see! ;)

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Because I am classifying delivered pizza as fast food, about once a month. Either the meat has not defrosted and I have nothing else available, or I do not feel like cooking.

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@optimisticpessimist I love your name on here.. I dont know how many times I’ve called myself that. ha.

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What are we defining as fast food? I just ate a bagel, some people consider that fast food and others don’t.

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Places like McDonalds and Burger King, almost never. Chipotle, Panera, or Chop’t, every two weeks or so. I work at a place with salads and sandwiches a lot like that, and I eat that stuff all the time.

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So rarely as to be notable, but of course the day someone asks this I had lunch at McD’s (damn, the oatmeal is really good!) and we just ordered Chinese take-out…

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Rarely. We do order pizza and wings take out about 1 or 2x per month.

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Every week-day morning. McDonalds.

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We do pizza, Chinese take-out or fast food probably once a week. Often less than that, but my husband usually eats quite a bit more. The guys are always ordering food at the plant, so he eats far more fast food & pizza than I do. I have to admit, I would not complain if we ordered Chinese once a week. I could eat veggie stir-fry every day, and never get tired of it.

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I used to have it occasionally, but now I never, ever eat it, without fail. A few months back I set about a quest for myself to remove all added sugar from my diet, and in doing so basically had to stop eating nearly all processed food and fast food. I haven’t touched the stuff in nearly six months, and I’ve never been healthier or felt better.

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I eat Wendy’s about once every two to three weeks. I try to avoid McDonald’s, unless I’m desperate. McDonald’s does have good oatmeal, like someone said, but it is just instant with some stuff thrown in. Wendy’s I will order chili and they have great fries now. You can also get free drink refills, which is something they don’t tell you. You go up to the counter with your cup and say I want a refill. You can’t do that if you get it to go, though!

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My brother used to take us to Mcdonald’s once a week. Ugh! It was convenient, we didn’t have to cook that night, and it tasted good. Now that I’m no longer living with him, I’ve only had fast food once or twice in the past year (and when I did, it was the breakfast meals… Surely they’re not so bad??)

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If truth be told, never. Unless you count the Subway thing with turkey, veggies and mustard that I have when I occasionally visit my Internist.

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Rarely and when I do it is Subway. I usually go for chinese or pizza. I rarely eat at Mcdonalds, Burger King, or other fast food resturants. I love hamburgers but I find fast food to be lacking in flavor and I don’t stay full for long when I eat fast food. I would rather make my own hamburgers or order one at a better resturant. I am willing to pay the extra cost for a good burger.

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I ate at McD’s twice about 7 months ago, because my wife insisted and I didn’t know where else to eat in AZ or TX.

Otherwise, I’d say almost never.

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Once or twice a month, if someone goes over and buys food, then brings it to me.

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Not very often – I eat Chinese or pizza once or twice a month I suppose. It’s a treat of sorts. Who doesn’t love having delicious food delivered to their door?

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@stardust I live in the sticks and the only chinese restaurant in town doesn’t deliver! I wish they would deliver that would be awesome!

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Once every year for fast food. Once every 3 or 4 months for restaurants.

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Probably 3 times a week, for lunch.

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If you count Subways, then maybe twice a month. If you also count Pizza Hut, then maybe twice more (but Pizza Hut round here definitely doesn’t count as fast). And that’s about it.

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I can’t remember the last time I went to a fast food place. Over a year. I don’t eat meat, so all I can have is fries, anyway.

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McDonalds or Wendy’s: Less than once a month.

Panera’s: About twice a week (breakfast power sandwich or chicken Caesar sandwich)

Pizza or Chinese delivery: About three times a month

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Probably once every few weeks.

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Almost never since I changed my eating habits six months ago (and lost 25 pounds in the process!). I’ve slipped a a few times when the craving for chicken strips or a hotdogs became overwhelming, but my old habit of “dining” at places like Pizza Hut, Whataburger and Taco Bell has pretty much been broken.

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