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What coax splitter will work best for my TV reception?

Asked by ramblemutt (37points) February 5th, 2011

I currently get satellite stations thru an HDTV (Dish) box and local stations OTA on a regular antenna. I’m using an ordinary coax splitter for incoming signals, but the sat. signal is degraded. Will an A/B switch improve things for satellite? My OTA reception is HD quality.

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That A/B switch will isolate the inputs, without that the signal is affected.

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Sat receivers do not work well when split. An A/B switch is much better. I use completely separate inputs on my TV for Sat and OTA.

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Yes, inputs are separate on my larger set and no problems. The small set in my office is the problem…only one input. I’ll get myself an A/B switch, see what happens…tho I don’t like having to manually switch when I go from sat to OTA. Anyone know of an A/B switch that can be operated remotely?

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Radio Hack used to sell an A/B switch with a remote. However, you might do well with a distribution amplifier instead of a splitter. Position it as close to the source as possible and run your cables from there.

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Good idea, but a little expensive for me. What if I just connected external antenna to the TV antenna input and went S-video from Sat receiver to TV set. Not sure how S-video works…but is this a possibility? BTW, I got an A/B switch from Wallyworld for $5.95 and it works just fine.

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S video is slightly higher quality output than the yellow composite video.

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The old light bulb went off with with RocketGuy’s comment. I simply hooked up the composite video/audio cables from Sat receiver & TV, then the external antenna to the coax input and all problems solved. HD quality all around and all completely controlled by remote. Thanks, team.

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Dude! Were you running HD thru a Channel 3 coax? What inputs do you have on your TV and on your sat receiver? In order of resolution:
Digital OTA coax
Component video
S video
composite video
RF (Channel 3) coax

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My sat rx is not HD, otherwise all of the above. It’s just a smaller TV for my office. To be honest I started out trying to save a buck here. Financial hard times for me, so I put my HD sat (for the big TV with the HD receiver) on vacation hold and where I was paying over $100 monthly for TV, I am now paying $5 monthly and getting my locals (17 channels) OTA. I live up in the mountains, but luckily the translator towers are in line of sight and only a couple of miles away. I no longer get a lot of premium channels of course, but there are a number of free channels thru my sat box (SyFy, IFC, FX for example). Vac hold good for 6 months…hopefully by then I’ll be back on my financial feet. So while I don’t have HD, the OTA is HD quality for sure and the sat box channels are pretty close.

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My OTA HD has better color than the same channels on Sat (when it was non-HD). Glad you are able to get some Sat channels for low cost. I have Dish, with “Free HD for Life”, but trimmed the lineup as much as I could – got the cheapest package that had SyFy.

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I won’t have a problem without programming until end of August when ESPN a must for college football. Not sure I can do without it. We’ll see.

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