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If you could only rent one movie, would you be more likely to pick an old movie that you know is good, but haven't seen in many years, or take your chances on new release?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43079points) February 5th, 2011

I always head to the old tried-and-true section before I take my chances on a New Releases, although, we DID rent “Avatar” today…. : ) Heard it’s awesome. —Ya’ll said it was awesome. :)

I got “Phenomenon” with John Travolta
“Mrs. Doubtfire” with Mork
and “Patriot” with Mel Gibson.

Also got “Red,” new release, but with a nice cast. We watched it first and I’m sure it was very good, if only I could have figured out what the hell was going on!

Now, back to “Phenomenon”

Way to go Snowberry!

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It really depends on what mood I’m in. I generally know what movies are new releases and if none of them seem to be something I’d like I go for the tried and true.

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99% of the time I go for tried and true. I’m incredibly picky with movies, music, TV, etc. I like what I like, and I rarely broaden those horizons. I really only choose the new release if it is something that I know I want to see. To randomly pick a new movie, I have to be pretty desperate for something to watch.

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New release
If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man
You win some, lose some, it’s all the same to meee

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I own enough of the movies I know are good to be able to take my chances when I rent. That said, I rarely rent. I like what I’ve got.

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I don’t like most modern movies.
And i do not like to watch the same movie twice.

So when I take a guess…. I pick a movie made before 1969, and those usually turn out OK or very good.

The last movie I randomly picked to watch was The Naked Jungle (1954)... and I liked it very much.

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Definitely an old movie.

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I like many new and many old.

Tonight I felt like revisiting an old great… “Bladerunner.” Last week I watched “Sunset Boulevard” with Gloria Swanson and “Look What Happened to Baby Jane” with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford for the umpteenth time (I was in the mood for a creep out). I also watched the new Tron and District 9 last week, thoroughly enjoying both.

I am about to go watch Seven. I guess this last shows that I like nightmares.

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It’s 3:30 am, and I can’t sleep. I am considering watching a DVD of SportsNight.
I prefer old films, but many new ones are great. I prefer to go with an old friend than take a chance with an unknown quality.

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I would rent the old over the new because I get bored very easily with movies.Alot of the stuff out there is really bad Human Centipede,anyone?? XD
Some people watch movies to escape.
I escape from movies by falling asleep.

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New porn, old porn. Who cares? Chances are I’ll only watch five minutes of it at a time.

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@Arisztid “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane…” That movie freakin’ traumatized me when I first saw it as a little kid!! When she serves her sister the parakeet? That’s the one scene that stands out in my mind. If I hadn’t seen the movie again as an adult, I’d have no other memory of it but that! Which is why…I wouldn’t let my kid watch “Avatar.” That scene where she stabs the dog-thing, then leans in on it again, almost with satisfaction…that was horrible. The fantasy scenes were cool….sleeping in the giant leaves and stuff, but that one scene just kind of ruined it all for me.

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