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Anyone know anything about Radio Caroline?

Asked by lanahopple (455points) February 5th, 2011

I am really interested in Radio Caroline, and was wondering if anyone has some good information about it regarding how it affected the British Government, the everyday people, and music radio today.

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The movie Pirate Radio is next up in my Netflix queue.

There is a web site for the station,

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GA, @BarnacleBill. Now, how can I get a recent playlist?

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They have a Top 15 show that you can download…

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It broadcast music that the Beebs didn’t want to broadcast, and in doing so, ushered in a revolution that turned conventional radio on its head. It was very important in terms of cultural change. It also made some people in the government look idiotic. Although, that’s not very hard to do. Just push them a bit, and they’ll do it on their own.

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