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Whats up with the kids these days....?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m not that old. 32. But when I was growing up we played outside. Our moms had to tell us to come in when the street lights came on. I dont understad what happen to the innocent youth.

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I’m still in high school and I’m outside all of the time playing sports, but I know what you mean. Its gotten to the point that I’m almost “uncool” for being outside and staying fit instead of playing videogames all day with everyone else.

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You are so right. I am 39 years old. I would have died if my mom made me stay inside. I woke up, got dressed , ate breakfast and then straight outside. I loved it. My husband was just the same way. We often talk about all the cool things we did outside. All of the things in nature we used for toys. Wow, we had a great time.

We have a 14 year old daughter. She never goes outside! ( unless we are on vacation or swimming) Sometimes we force her to come outside with us. We still spend a lot of time outdoors. We love to cook outdoors and hang out in the backyard. When we make her come out, you would swear we are punishing her.

I think kids spend too much time on the computer and watching tv. Maybe we spent so much time outside because we did not have those things to occupy our time. My parents had one tv. We watched what my parents wanted to watch. We had one stereo in the living room. There were no computers. Outside was our only real for of entertainment.

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and maybe I’m over reacting. But it seems too that the youth is more depressed these days. Shootings in school, etc. Is it the Internet? No social skills on a one on one basis.

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Good point Hollister0221! It’s much safer to just stay indoors!

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who wants to get shot, kidnaped, or hit by a car when they could just play video games instead?

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@mzgator. Great points. Same here for me. We also went camping alot. Great times. I had motorcycles played every sport at the park. I’m concerned. I too have a daughter. Although she is only two. But as of now she loves being outside. I open the door she comes running. Its funny. I hope she stays that way

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doesnt every generation ask that very same question?

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I think it goes something like this:
60’s: The kids are angry at their parents’ conformity, run away and become hippies, do drugs, free love and infuriate the establishment
80’s: The kids are angry at their peaceloving, freedom-preaching parents (who were kids in the 60’s) and act out through punk, metal, alcohol and grafitti
00’s: The kids are in agony because they have nothing tangible to be angry at. They have been fed all angels of all information and options available from infancy, thanks to the global community and information highway. They act out as gothemo’s who relish any emotion to overcome the numbness that is their everyday life

That’s my interpretation of youth and pop-culture for the last half century

- and I’m 32 and hence a child of the 80’s and did hang out outside…not necessarily for any particularly constructive purpose other than to be with peers

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I have to agree that todays kids are very numb. Acting out there drama

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I think they also have been raised with a sense of entitlement. They feel they deserve everything they want, and to be denied is borderline abuse.

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@stevenb: I’d agree. I had a conversation w/ my father and grandfather about how kids today believe that the employer is lucky to have the employee, whereas in used to be flip-flopped. I think kids take way too many things for granted.

And as for why kids stay inside: I think it’s because of the technological revolution. Video games, computers, and televesions, have become more available to kids. BUT those things are only available to them indoors. I also believe that this is adding to the obesity rates in the US.

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Re. technology only being available indoors: hoorray for iPhone!

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@wildflower: haha true, I fluther corrected.


Kids today have too many rights. Plain and simple. Their “innocence” has been replace by their “arrogance”.

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