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How much would a ticket cost to take a Greyhound bus from Louisiana to California?

Asked by The_Invisible_Man (438points) February 6th, 2011

I’d like to go to California to visit some friends sometime soon, but I need to be sure on how much tickets would cost. Does anyone have any ideas?

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My search on their site, from New Orleans to LA is $202…

Do your own search on their website with the correct information and you will have your answer.

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Alright. Thanks for the link.

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Have you ever ridden on a public bus before, like Greyhound?

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I ride on public buses all the time (here in Europe). I’m taking one to Sweden this week.

I’ve also taken the Greyhound from around the Chicago/Milwaukee area to go north and then back again. I don’t advise buying your tickets at the terminal. Someone I was with once had money taken from their wallet. There are serious pick pockets and thieves in some of the terminals.

Bring a book and magazines to read. Keep to yourself.

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It speeds things up at the terminal if you book your ticket online but the terminals are pretty well policed. They are generally very busy and I would be careful with your personal stuff. You get some interesting people travelling by Greyhound.

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