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Why does Itunes want me to authorize my computer every time I connect my Iphone ?

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) February 6th, 2011

Every time I connect my iPhone 4 to my laptop Itunes pop up and ask me the authorize my phone. The number of authorized computers stay the same, but it kinda annoying nevertheless.
I have tried updating Itunes (i run 64 bit Itunes on a windows 7 computer)
Is there any way to fix this that you fellow flutherites know of ?

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I have if you have Windows 7 (same thing I have) you should go to another computer in your house (laptop or desktop) and try changing your settings there.

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You mean I should authorize it on another computer ?

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Yes. Try and access your account your account on another computer and change any authorization settings there. Also, have you accidentally been clicking the unathorize button every time you want to purchase a song?

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Authorize your computer before you use the ipod, that sometimes works, and check if you have maxxed out your computers, however if you have, itunes should show an option to deauthorize all of them and you can start picking from screatch.

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I think I might fixed it.. I I deconnected and de-autorized everything, and connected it again,and now it suddently worked (tried that before aswell)

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Problem solved?

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Problem solved! :) Could not de-authorize all computers, since that is a one year thing apple offers.

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