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Do men prefer butts or boobs and what sizes?

Asked by Twinkletoes22 (289points) February 6th, 2011


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What about brains? Maybe they prefer how a woman thinks as opposed to their breast size.

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Depends on the guy.

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@chyna I didnt ask about brains. This about physical apperance everyone knows smarts are whats important but that’s not what this is about. I just wanted to find out what people would say.

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It depends on the guy.Not everybody likes the same thing,but there might be something to the golden rule and proportion/symmetry. ;)

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I’m not a man, but I’ve had many dealings with them over the years. The thing I’ve come to realize is that they’re all different. Sure, there are similarities that run through lots of them, like “prefers football to baseball” but many of them also “prefer baseball to football.” I also bet that when they walk into a Burger King, they will all order different food items. (Some of them don’t even walk into Burger Kings at all.)

So when trying to generalize them, it’s hard to come up with something they all like. I mean, first off, you’re probably talking about heterosexual or bisexual men, but not all of them are. (I’ve known gay guys who really like breasts, too – they think they’re fabulous.) But even among the subset of men who do like T&A, some like small breasts and some like large breasts and some like them “just right,” as Goldilocks would say. And some, like Sir Mix-a-Lot, like big butts (and he cannot lie) whereas some prefer butts, like the rest of the woman, to be sweet and petite.

So you’re talking about a wide variety of people here, slightly less than half the human population, and there are going to be differences across groups and individuals. Perhaps the best bet is to find the guys you like, and ask them how they would prefer a woman to look. And if that answer works for you, you can choose to mould yourself to it, or not.

I think what @lucillelucillelucille might be referring to is this. There is a sort of mathematical beauty to proportions. Also, if you have these proportions, it’s a sort of signal that you’re fertile and will make many wonderful babies, which can be a subconscious thing that will attract a guy. However, we’re more than just math, and we’re more than just fertility indicators, or else I never would have gotten married. ;)

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I like boobs, somewhere from B to C cups. I don’t find massive ones attractive at all.

Just give me a good handfull ;)

Welcome to fluther by the way!

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This 100% completely depends on the individual. Different strokes for different folks. Unavoidable fact.

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Depends on the guy, and some of it can be attributed to culture. American men typically are obsessed with breasts. My Latin American husband talks about asses way more than boobs.

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My husband is an ass man.

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Or, maybe it is that American men like bigger boobs? Not sure.

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My husband has always said “Boobs are for babies. I like a nice ass and pretty face”. :)

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What sucks is my boobs are way more fabulous than my butt. Lol.

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These may be two important “attractions” in the beginning, but its only an attraction. the real deal is whats in a persons heart. as we age, the boobs and butts begin to sag and drag, but not their heart and whats in it.

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Hi tit man here, nice firm handful suits me just fine :¬)

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men will want what they can’t get their hands on, at that moment.

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@ucme So size doesn’t matter to you, huh?

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@ladymia69 Oh but it does though, not into the giant bosom & the “fried egg” or “bee sting” look does nothing for me either. Somewhere inbetween, a perfect fit in the cup of the hand is what I was getting at.

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Every man is different. My husband prefers a great looking butt to biggish boobs. Guess which one I have. Yippee.

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Every single guy on the planet likes butts, big and fat, too.

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Having both on the larger side is ideal. Ultimately though it doesn’t matter all that much – you can’t talk to a pair of tits or a bubble butt.

The ultimate female form in my mind would be MissHannahMinx, the Youtube Japanese language chick.

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I’m a leg guy and since the leg is connected to the ass I will choose ass! I love a nice ass! ;)

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who here doesn’t like j-lo ass? badonkadonk!

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Breast is best (from B to D cup)

@Blackberry Sorry, you’re wrong. A fat arse is a definite turn-off for me.

@woodcutter Me, I don’t think it’s attractive at all. Quite the opposite.

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Is @Blackberry a black man? That would go back with my cultural analysis. I think black men tend to be ass men also, like Latin Americans. Just meaningless generalizations though. Unless he was kidding of course, or not African American, then forget what I said. Lol.

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Boobs – the bigger the better!

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@Mat74UK Gross. I will never understand that.

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Each to their own mate! Butts do nothing for me!

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@Mat74UK I’m fine that you like boobs, as I said above my breasts are way more fantastic than my butt. It was the bigger the better part that I was commenting on. Really huge breasts never look good to me in the buff. They sag, and for some reason most of my girlfriends who have really huge breasts (naturally big I am talking about) tend to have humongous areolas which I find less attractive. But, for sure my friends with big boobs get all sorts of attention, and their husbands love it. So, what do I know. Like you said, each to their own.

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Hmmmm… maybe I am reading too much into this. I would take a shapely butt over just a huge set of boobs anyday. But I also appreciate a well crafted chest over a butt that just draws attention to it. Maybe the question is if a woman had what you most admire in a butt and in boobs on the same frame which would draw your attention more? I would have to answer that one by saying… it dependso on the day.

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@meiosis I was being sarcastic lol…...Only I like big butts : )
@JLeslie Yes, I’m black. I don’t know why I like big butts or bigger women, but I know that I wouldn’t have it any other way lol.

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@JLeslie @Blackberry

I NEVER looked at butts until I got a job where I worked closely with a couple of black guys. All day long they talked about ass. Sometimes we’d walk around NYU during lunch and they would literally comment on every single derrier they saw…loudly. They had ass on the brain, I tell you!

I’m proud to say I now appreciate a nice rump as much as a nice rack ;)

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Who cares??

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