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How can I give my Logo some 3D POP?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) February 6th, 2011

I am working on a couple projects with my logo, and I have wanted to give it a bit of 3D pop, and make is seem glossier. Do you have any tips of doing this in Photoshop? I have CS5

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Check out the Alien Skin plugins

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Highlights and shadows. I know that is vague, but, really that’s the bare essentials for creating a 3D illusion.

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@mrlaconic damn! I love the belev one that looks like a pill!

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@mrlaconic Noton picked up eyecandy 6 for some reason? Have you used this program? Can you verify that it is trustworthy? Norton said that it was based off of community stuff.

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@XOIIO yes it’s legit program they have been around many years. Are you getting it from the alien skin site or did you torrent it?

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@mrlaconic got it from the site, someone probably reported it by mistake.

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That works great! My redesign looks great!

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@XOIIO Excellent! Now, show some lurve!

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Rule number one…. Don’t create logos in Photoshop.

Rule number two…. Logos should be able to look the same in one color as they do in multiple colors.

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