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What is the proper way to eat a Moon Pie?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) February 6th, 2011

Since many of you are not from the south, you may not be familiar with Moon Pies. Its a dessert, consisting of three layers of soft graham crackers and marshmallow. It’s a true southern dessert. My friend eats his Moon Pie with a fork and an RC Cola. I do not agree or disagree with his Moon Pie etiquette. Question: how would you attack a Moon Pie? Fork, spoon, your fingers?

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My feet,like Coco the gorilla.
I like a good challenge.;)

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I would not eat a Moon Pie or drink an RC Cola.

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Hold in left hand, chomp, chew, gulp, x2 or x3 if you are a little one. I wash it all down with cow milk. Then I pat my belly three times and try and start a conversation with the nearest object about football.

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I am a gobbler, not a nibbler.

I havn’t had a moon pie in 40 years, hmmm…maybe go in search of? :-)

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Personally i’d chuck that shit…....concoction straight in the bin :¬(

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I lean more towards Little Debbie Swiss Cakes myself. Moon Pies were always snacks, eaten by hand, with milk as a chaser because they’re so sweet.

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With my hands, of course! Just like fried chicken!

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With Mtn. Dew, of course.

Or Sundrop (if you’re from Scott County, TN).

I’m as southern as southern gets, and I hate Moon Pies though.

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A fork? No way. You eat it with your hand, keeping the wrapper on where your hand is so the chocolate doesn’t melt on your fingers. It is hot in the south, ya know.

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I’d hire a goat as a proxy, and pay him in Twinkies.

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Is that all you Darlin’ @ratboy is Lurk!??!!

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Moon Pies have marshmallow in them and that means gelatin, so no Moon Pies for me since I went vegetarian 20 plus years ago. However, when I did eat them I would put one on a plate and microwave it, which required eating it with a fork. That was the best way to enjoy a Moon Pie.

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Moon pie on one hand, fishing rod in the other, ice cold Coke in an old style bottle. C’mon summer.

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