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Where can I get an outlet converter for my trip to Thailand? sorry for sounding like such a girl but i don't know where to find these things.

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ebay? I know the Apple store has them but they were kind of expensive.

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I found this site… It looks like a crappy site, but it uses Yahoo shopping, so your purchase is safe.

Sometimes you can find stuff like this at an office store like Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc…or an electronics store Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack, etc…

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thanks for the suggestions guys, I need to get one today so I’ll check out those places.

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There are 2 separate issues: wattage and plug type. If you have the right type of wattage on the device you need to use, you probably only need a plug converter. If your appliance has a different shaped-plug and different voltage than the standard in the country you are going to than you need a voltage adapter and a plug converter. Here’s a website that gives the voltage, frequency, and plug outlet type for Thailand:

That should help you know what to buy depending on where you’re going and what devices you plan to use.

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that wasn’t a girlie question

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Any travel store should have them. I actually found mine at Fry’s Electronics…

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