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What's the most fun you've had with your clothes on this past week?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 6th, 2011

Yeah, i’ll exclude the horizontal shuffle in this as i’m not at all interested in your bedroom pursuits, you know…... gittin jiggy wit it! So yeah, something fun that happened to you this past week that deserves a mention. Anything at all, no matter how brief the experience may have been. Everything counts… in large amounts =0)

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I haven’t had any fun, with or without clothing.

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Last night I went to see Leon Redbone and had a blast.Met his piano player too :)

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Dry humping

I went to a bar to celebrate my 21st birthday and I drank nearly an entire pitcher of yummy, yummy Guiness Extra Stout.

Then my friends and I walked over to the pizza place and ate a pizza while sitting on their floor and chatting with them… at 2 in the morning.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard A belated happy birthday wish, winging it’s way to you via the magic of the interweb :¬)

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Working out…

Never thought I would say something like that but I have been having a great time.

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At my talent show on friday, me and my friends performed the song Blister in the Sun. We ended it all by kicking/throwing our chairs :]

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@ucme, thank you kindly good sir!

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Shoveling and just generally getting around after the big snow storm. Driving would not have been fun, but I don’t have to drive.

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I’m pretty easy to amuse. I went to the Souplantation with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. We chatted and got caught up and ate lots and lots of yummy muffins and the best cream of broccoli soup that I’ve ever tasted. Now I’m inspired to try to duplicate that soup.

Anyone have any good recipes for a vegetarian cream of broccoli soup?

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Had a couple of friends over on Thursday, decided to go to the local for a couple then ended up having a great meal too, lots of fun & laughter… shame I was on nights so I had to leave at nine thirty :-/
Still we had a ball…. I’m just on my out now with the same crowd, well, in about thirty minutes or so….. Not too sure that the clothes will still be on later though but the fun will definitely still be going on regardless ;-)

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Wrestled with my husband. I won. :)

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I did my homework today morning – math and accounts…

Then I made a Youtube video and baked.

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Playing in the snow (in the dark) with my daughter last night. I pushed her down the four foot drifts in her sled, we went exploring in the deep snow around the farm, we buried the basketball, threw snowballs for the dogs to catch and had a snowball fight. We’re getting ready to go back out and make a fort out of one of the drifts before the big game starts. Can’t wait.

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It was my friends 21st last night and I wore yellow pants and sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at karaoke with a bunch of people and getting a surprise beautiful 5 inches of snow last night whilst all this was going on and seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while, and a lot of dancing. And I ran into some fun coworkers. And my mouth was blue, but worth it. Sorry for the rambling.

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Soaring at Epcot Center. Awesome!!! Happy birthday @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard !!! You are now legal!! I pray you have a wonderful life and many years of laughing, loving and learning!!

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Hmmm…well, I have really been diggin’ the mock spring over this way with temps in the low 70’s!


But…sorry, the MOST fun I have had was eating dinner in my hot tub at sunset last night, and, I was not clothed.

I am anticipating an encore performance again tonight. lol

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@bkcunningham, thanks! That’s really sweet of you!

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Hanging out with my son who came up from DC for the weekend.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Happy Belated Birthday! 21 is a great age to be..
here’s a good song for you, you probably know it
couldn’t find one by The Eagles :( but these guys are pretty good

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Walked out to the “crab eyes” rock with my dog and watched people repel from it. It was pretty fun, got a sore knee out of the deal.

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Happy birthday @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard

I haven’t really had much fun in a while, but hoping that changes soon.

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Well, I DID get to ride my Harley at least ONE day! Heh!

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@Earthgirl, thank you! I love me some Eagles! @wilma thank you dear! My birthday was actually January 30. I just didn’t really tell Fluther until today, lol.

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I went out with my friend last night to a club, and while we there, a really hot guy came to our table, and gave me a lap dance (blushes). It was amazing, there is a first time for everything.

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Going through boxes that haven’t been unpacked in 3 years since moving. Finding things so forgotten that it’s like brand new stuff!

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@woodcutter Walked out to the “crab eyes” rock with my dog and watched people repel from it.

lol I was trying to figure out what a crab eyes rock is and why do people find it so repulsive. Then I Googled lol

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Sledding. I busted my a** though. I haven’t been in class since Monday because of the snow so I’ve been pretty much locked in my room reading and doing homework for hours on end. And then on Friday night I went sledding with a friend and it was nice.

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I went to a Beach Resort for my birthday last week. I enjoyed the trip.
Fun for me is playing with my toddler grandsons every weekend.

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Just this evening, went to a local Irish pub to listen to some music sessions. It was really good.

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It’s often those times of spontaneous, exhuberant, unembarassed fun that create the greatest memories. : )

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I’ve had more fun out of them. :)

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It’s seems bizarre in retrospect but my fiancee and I went into the backyard to do “poop patrol” and clean up after our three dogs. Mr. picked up the poo and told me to pick up dropped citrus instead. Once we washed up inside then we have a tickle and snuggle session. We laughed a lot.

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I jammed with my boys yesterday! We ROCK!! Had a riot!

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Had agreat night with some great friends, alas I’m alone now…… well just me & the spuds! ;-/ Lol……

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I got my second tattoo started yesterday. I don’t know if that counts through because I wasn’t wearing pants for it… The new tat is on my thigh. :) The pain part wasn’t fun, but I love the people I go to and we always have a grand ole time.

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Some of my girlfriends and I were donating formal dresses to girls that go without prom dresses. No some of these were awful, some were funny. My husband thought there were a bunch of 16 year old girls in the house.

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while on the treadmill at the gym my friend was textuing ughhh and she fell haha. sorry but i hate to see people texting all the time.

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@jaytkay I didn’t know that rock was repulsive to anyone. Really it’s a cool formation to see it up close.

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I went to the pub Thurs night and had laughs and good times!

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@noelleptc, Nyquil’s one helluva drug.

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Green Bay taking the Lombardi trophy home.

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Ok, I just finished watching Animal Planet’s alternative to Superbowl called Puppybowl. It’s so much fun to watch all those puppies runnning and licking and laying down to get their tummies rubbed. Then at half time they bring out the chicken cheerleaders and you can see the blimp flying overhead with the hampsters at the helm. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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@jonsblond Yikes! There is such a thing?

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@Kardamom It was just a short on Conan’s show on TBS the other night. I thought it was cute. :)

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Managed to have some quality time with my boyfriend on Friday and Saturday night and, I’ll have you know, we were having fun even before the clothes came off! Other than that, my week has been fairly unenjoyable as I have been doing lots of extra hours at work. Hoping this week will be much more chilled out.

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Got some good course prep work done for the Spring course after weeks of inertia and low motivation. And the sun is shining!

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bought some clothes this afternoon without looking at the prize.

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