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How can I find my WEP Key to hook up my wireless printer?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1208points) February 6th, 2011

I’m trying to hook up my wireless printer. I have wireless internet through Time Warner Cable and the router is in my living room. The printer found the network (I know by the name of it), but it asked for a WEP address.

I googled it and most people said it was on a sticker on the router. Well, mine is not. Others gave me an IP address to go to where I can log in and get my WEP Key. Well, most the the addresses went nowhere and I got an error screen. The one that did work was which comes up as an AMBIT Broadband site.

I have no idea how to log in. I tried admin and nothing for my password, I tried admin for both, and I tried admin and the password that we use to connect to our wireless internet. None of them worked.

FIRST QUESTION: If that IP address actually went somewhere, does that mean that’s the right site for my wireless?

SECOND QUESTION: How can I find out my username and password so I can get my WEP key? Will my cable company know it?

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The WEP key is the same password that you use to connect your computer to your “wireless internet.”

The IP address went to your wireless router. 192.168.xx.xx numbers are local, or within the household, numbers so they don’t go out to the internet.

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If you really need to log in to your router, you may want to try these combinations also:
Username: user
Password: user

Username: admin
Password: password
(that is actually the word password, not what you use to connect to it)

Username: root
(that is, nothing in the password section)

And, as an aside, WEP is insecure. Using WEP is just marginally better than using no password (or key) at all. You should read about WPA or WPA2 and, when you feel comfortable, change to one of those if your wireless router supports them.

I know it sounds Greek now but in the long run, knowledge is a good thing.

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Thank you for the answer. Right when I got into that site and put in the password, my entire internet connection cut off. I had to call my cable company and she had to totally reconfigure my network and gave me a new WEP Key because whatever I did scrambled my information. So, she made it my phone number, I was able to install my wireless printer, and all is happy in the world.

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Excellent. I don’t know why entering an incorrect password would shut down your Internet connection, but as long as it’s all working.

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@mrentropy You’re the second jelly to mention that WEP is no good. My wep encryption password is 10 hex characters = 40 bits. Isn’t that good enough to keep bored teens and opportunistic snoopers moving on to greener pastures? I’m really not that worried about whether the NSA can crack my code with supercomputers…~

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@gasman Bored teens are probably more likely to sit there and hack your WEP key. And, no, 40 bits isn’t nearly enough. 104 bits isn’t enough. Read this ArsTechnica article.

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@mrentropy Good article – thanks. OK—upgrading to WPA goes on the to-do list.

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