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Can you call a phone multiple times from skype?

Asked by XOIIO (18251points) February 6th, 2011

Skype said that my phone call was limited to 7 minutes, does paying for the call just extend the time you can call a phone, or is that 7 minuted the free trial? like if I talk for 7 minutes, do I just need to call back, something like 7 minute intervals.

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Sorry, please clarify for me so I can understand better: are you saying that your call was limited to 7 minutes after you paid (added value) to your Skype account? It seems to me it would only be if you had insufficient funds (credits) available on your Skype account.

My husband uses Skype for calling land lines all around the world and his calls are certainly not limited to 7 minutes. In fact, he routinely has 2 hour long conference calls to a German office (we’re in the US)—and he never has to call back.

If you’re talking about the free trial—then perhaps Skype is telling you they will limit you to 7 minutes for the free trial call.

If you’re looking for a FREE way to communicate via Skype you can always “Skype” directly (video chat or just voice call) from one Skype user to another. Just requires you both to have a Skype username and be at the computer. That’s how I usually use Skype.. I video chat with my family whenever (and so far from wherever) I travel for work. It’s completely free of cost—just requires a bit of advance planning (usually an email to set a time for the kids to be ready in front of the computer) on when we’ll “Skype”.

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I just downloaded skype and called a phone, and it said it was limited to 7 minutes. Does buying skype credit extend that, or was that 7 minutes of credit?

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If you called a land line or cell phone number (regular phone number) then you just used Skype for the one-time free trial call. Did you see the words “Free” and “Trial” as you clicked?

I’ve never heard of a limit for all other kinds of calls on Skype—but it stands to reason for the “Free Trial Call” they may impose a time limit so that people don’t take advantage of them potentially calling the other side of the world for free and just leaving the line open indefinitely without paying for this (one of their only revenue generating) service.

If you want to call regular phone numbers on Skype you must purchase credits on your account to do so.

Like I said above, there are free ways to contact folks via Skype (Video Call, Skype to Skype call w/out video)—but you’d have to have the other person join Skype (free) and create a user name, too.

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