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We've made contact with other life in the universe. How did that contact happen? What are they like?

Asked by Soubresaut (12802points) February 6th, 2011

Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll play this game with myself… try to imagine what life would be like somewhere else, what they’re doing right now, what it would be like to meet them.
But I find myself stuck imagining them more or less like what I know of life here on earth, no matter how I try not to. : /

Just for kicks I thought I’d ask you jellies… cause I think it’s fun. If you find it fun, too, answer away! : )

We’ve made contact with other life in the universe… care to elaborate?

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One thing for sure is if they discover us, and can get to us, they will also be able to kick our ass.

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On the plus side, we can communicate because they start picking up our outgoing radio and TV broadcasts decades before they arrive. So they speak English already.

On the minus side they think our real life is like a sitcom. We got some ‘splaining to do!

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Good News: They discovered the plaque on Voyager

Bad News: They think it’s a menu.

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They’d be lured in by the promise of being super sized and only like us for our food.
After mastering how to make a triple decker taco and a pint of Ben & Jerrys they’d nuke us all.

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@jaytkay I thought i saw something on a TV program that debunked that, the radio waves keep going and going into space. They do travel some but then peter out.

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They are flying by and happen to notice polluted earth. Upon closer inspection they notice me and I resemble their queen who they loved and has passed away. The decide to offer me the position of queen on their planet that looks very similar to theirs only much cleaner and greener. They have animals pretty much the same as ours. They are far more advance and can slow down aging and actually even make you look 20 for the rest of your life. They say I can bring anything or anyone I want. I take my whole family and anyone else close to them. Their planet is a utopia with a couple of moons and large oceans. I ask they take some of the animals that we have that are in captivaty. No problem. The have flying ships and no taxes and eat pretty much the same foods that we do. No need for doctors either. Everyone is healthy and extremely fit.
BTW, they can also clean earth up but they figure why bother. We will just screw it up again. However on the way out I have all humans embedded with a dna zapper that knocks them out everytime they are about to do something violent to another person. No scientist can change it without getting zapped themselves for trying to figure out how it works. Its in peoples dna so it gets passed down to future generations.

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The year, a couple of hundred thousand BC…

Alien 1: The seeding of planet #3 in the sol system seems to be going along as planned. We have successfully enhanced the DNA of the primate species of that planet.

Alien 2: That’s great news Xaplornix! Let’s hop into our dimensional transport and shoot ahead a couple of thousand freblings. They should be ready to harvest about then!

Alien 3: Great! I’ll get the cookbook!

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Luckily these space aliens like cheese. Because of their superior smelling ability they were able to smell the gruyere, the bleus and the jack and the cheddar and the goudas. They sensed our superiority when it came to cotija, gjetost and feta. They had no idea that earth was a superior cheese making planet. So they came, received our cheesemaking technology and in exchange, they gave us life saving techniques for everything from cancer, to heart disease to diabetes to SIDS and AIDS. And as they left, they sang a song of hope called “Blessed are the Cheesemakers.”

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Made of elements that are abundant in our universe and easily form molecules such as H, C, N and O. So, no interstellar drifting fog trying to talk to us.

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A probe of theirs, infinitely more advance but not unlike those we have sent to other planets, crashes on Earth or the Moon maybe. Upon examination, we find a machine comprised of tiny little other machines (nanotechnology) And if you took one and put it under the microscope, I’m sure you’d find some logo equivalent to IBM or some such thing, though you wouldn’t know that’s what you were looking at. Stored information, should it be accesible, would produce images or ideas of impressions about the species that built these machines. Alternatively, the machine may have self-replicated so many times on its journey to Earth that complete information bits may not even be interpretable. Of course I’m not a scientist or anything, but that’s my best bet.

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They will be very polite and respectfully ask to meet Ralph and Alice Kramden. When told that they were just fictional TV characters, they aliens will say:

“Oh….I see. But who lives at 328 Chauncey Street ? Mel and Iris Appelbaum, you say ??....... OK then, thank you anyway.”

As they re-board their spacecraft, one will whisper to the other….

“Grakk, you dumb bastard. I TOLD you we were probably traveling 8 million light-years for nothing….”

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They will be a strain of super alien geese and will want to be taken to their earth leader, Marwyn, in my avatar. lol

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